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Adnan Sami Has Revealed What The Nation Wanted To Know



adnan sami

The mystery has been solved by Adnan Sami, What was Arnab Goswami watching on his laptop and trying to evade the conversation that comedian Kunal Kamra was trying to strike with him in flight. Kamra had a lot of questions but Arnab, on the other hand, kept looking into his laptop screen. What exactly was he doing?

Another comedian José Cavaco aka Hoezay also took a jibe at the entire scenario also revealing that he was helping Arnab Goswami through a video call. Of course, it was a joke, and his fans know that this wasn’t the first time that José has made a rib-tickling video. 

But now we have an answer to the question that was on everyone’s mind but nobody did ask. What was Arnab watching? 

Singer Adnan Sami, who was caught up in the controversy surrounding his Padma Shri win and was trolled for the same, has revealed that Arnab was watching Two Popes on the IndiGo flight

That was indeed the ultimate ‘Netflix and chill’ moment.

“I was just speaking to my dear friend #ArnabGoswami & couldn’t help asking him how he remained so calm while he was being verbally assaulted by a joker. He said that since he’s a huge fan of Anthony Hopkins, he was watching “Two Popes” on @NetflixIndia!! How ‘Cool’ is that??,” tweeted the singer.

Following the stand-up comedian Kunal Kamra’s mid-air heckling of Arnab Goswami, the nation also wanted to know what was the Republic Editor watching in the IndiGo flight on January 28. Now, we have an answer.

Singer Adnan Sami has revealed that Goswami was watching Netflix’s ‘Two Popes’ starring Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Pryce.

Taking to the  Twitter, Sami wrote, “I was just speaking to my dear friend #ArnabGoswami & couldn’t help asking him how he remained so calm while he was being verbally assaulted by a joker. He said that since he’s a huge fan of Anthony Hopkins, he was watching “Two Popes” on @NetflixIndia!! How ‘

Earlier, Kamra had posted a video of himself confronting Goswami aboard the plane. In the video, the Republic Editor was seen with earphones plugged in, as Kamra addressed him. Throughout the video, he did not react or even looked towards the camera.

“Here I’m asking coward Arnab Goswami a question about his journalism and he’s doing exactly what I expected him to do,” the stand-up comedian said at the beginning of the video.

Kamra said, “He’s being a coward. First he called me mentally unstable, and now he’s saying ‘I’m watching something’. He’s not ready to answer my questions, viewers.”

“Arnab, are you a coward or are you a journalist…or a nationalist? Who are you Arnab?” he asked the unresponsive Goswami.

“You will have no answers. As I expected. Your cowardice has gotten the better of you,” he said amid Goswami’s continued silence.

“I wanted to have a conversation with you politely. But you do not deserve my politeness. And this is not for you. This is for Rohith Vemula’s mother whose caste you were discussing on your show,” he added.

Following the incident, Kamra was banned from flying from four different airlines. Air India, SpiceJet, and GoAir declared a ban on Kamra until further orders, while IndiGo has barred him from flying for six months.

Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri had taken note of the incident and “advised” other airlines in India to impose similar restrictions on Kamra, stating “offensive behaviour designed to provoke & create disturbance inside an aircraft is absolutely unacceptable & endangers the safety of air travellers”.

However, after being grounded by four domestic Indian flights Kunal Kamra finally took off, thanks to Vistara.

Adnan Sami reveals why Arnab Goswami 

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The extraordinary tale :Netflix ‘Yeh Ballet’




The film is the sophomore directorial feature of Padma Shri awardee Sooni Taraporevala, who made ‘Little Zizou’ in 2009

The sun had set, and the orange lanterns and strung lights bobbed on the salty, sticky summer breeze at Worli Koliwada. Dancers in bright festive wear made their way through the serpentine lanes of the urban village to reach the sets of the Netflix original film Yeh Ballet – bedecked to shoot a Diwali celebration.

“This is a new perspective of the sea link from this side. It hasn’t been seen much on screen,” remarked producer Siddharth Roy Kapur, nodding towards the bridge over the glittering sea. His company, Roy Kapur Films is backing the project, the sophomore directorial feature of Padma Shri awardee Sooni Taraporevala, after their collaboration on The Namesake (2006) – a Mira Nair film built on Taraporevala’s screenplay.

Yeh Ballet, inspired by a true story, charts the journey of two young men named Nishu (Manish Chauhan) and the rebellious Asif (Achintya Bose) with Mumbai working class backgrounds pirouetting their way into international ballet schools under the guidance of an the ageing and eccentric Israeli-American ballet teacher – Saul (Julian Sands).

Incongruent elements

As the music blared over the speakers, the director stayed rather quiet while choreographer Shiamak Davar took the reins and guided actors Achintya and Mekhola Bose as they spiritedly danced across the set with the camera focused on them, with hordes of people cheering them on. On the sidelines, Sands and Chauhan laughed and moved to the music.

This is the Diwali celebration that the boys take their teacher to, and for the first time he’s dancing Bollywood,” shared writer-director Taraporevala, before pointing to Mekhola and adding without giving much away, “Her character is an enigma. She and Asif have a bond that’s based on dance.”Outside of ballet and Bollywood, the film pulls in elements from a number of dance-styles, “Because the real boys come from a hip-hop [and b-boying] background, and Bollywood is all around us. [So] the film has got a full palette of very incongruous dances and music,” said Taraporevala.


 The director has offered a glimpse into this story before – in her 2017 14-minute documentary of the same name. “Dance is a rich person’s indulgence,” said Chauhan in the short (who plays himself in the Netflix film), over footage of him and young dancer Amiruddin Shah practicing their moves on a local train. The director picked Chauhan, Shah and their ballet master Yehuda Ma’or’s story to translate into a short Virtual Reality documentary, shot in 360-degrees, for filmmaker Anand Gandhi’s VR Lab.

“It totally fascinated me to read and hear about their stories – [seeing] what they achieved. [Ballet] is a very elite and niche world, [and] no boys dance ballet. [Yet] kids who never heard classical music [became] so good in two years that they got a scholarship to [London’s] The Royal Ballet [and the American Oregon Ballet Theatre] is just a phenomenal thing,” said the director, before continuing, “The documentary short film [was] a completely different beast from writing [and directing] a feature film. [With the feature] you take a kernel of truth and kind of blow it up.”

Fact meets fiction

A beaming Chauhan sits on the intersection between fact and fiction – essaying the character based on his story. When asked about his fairytale-like journey, Chauhan admitted, “I never wanted to become a dancer. I would hide in the school bathroom [when we had to dance]. But as a teenage boy I was introduced to power moves, and backflips seemed cool.”

Later, he saved up money, joined Ashley Lobo’s Danceworx Academy, and met Ma’or who saw the spark in his student. “I don’t know what he saw,” laughed Chauhan, “I didn’t know ballet, my English was bad, and all the [ballet] terminologies are in French.

Everything he said [went over my head]!” Ma’or once saw Chauhan practicing after class in front of the mirrors, said Chauhan, “So he stayed after class with me the next day, saying ‘I’ll teach you, because you’re doing it all wrong!’”

Achintya stepped in to play Asif (who is based on Shah) since Shah was (and is) training at the Royal Ballet School. “The research,” said Achintya, taking a second to think about the work that went into essaying his character, “was partially done. If there is an example that needs to be given [in a Danceworx class], it’s either Manish, or Amir, or both of them.”

Taraporevala revealed that Achintya trained in ballet for about six months under Cindy Jourdain, and also learnt b-boying for the role. His background, however, is in contemporary and jazz. Achintya also added that Asif is significantly different from the quiet, focused Shah.

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The Insights Of Shubh Mangal Zyada Savdhan



Shubh Mangal Zyada Savdhan

Shubh Mangal Zyada Savdhan: Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan Box Office Collection Day 2: Ayushmann Khurrana’s film ‘Shubh Mangal Zyada Savdhan’ (Shubh Mangal Zyada Savdhan) has been released. Ayushmann’s film released on Mahashivratri started with a bumper opening, while on the second day i.e. ‘Shubh Mangal More Savdhan’ on Saturday, it performed strongly at the box office. The story of this film based on the ‘Gay’ love story is very much liked by the audience. Once again Ayushmann Khurrana is winning the hearts of fans with his film. According to Taran Adarsh’s tweet, Ayushman Khurana’s ‘Shubh Mangal Zyada Savdhan’ opened on the first day with a gross of Rs 9.55 crore.

Two boys dressed in the  identical red bodysuits with flowing capes are running towards train number 377. Writer-director Hitesh Kewalya is just  not shying away from the same sex conversation. He’s not subtle about it either, but he treats the relationship between the Kartik Singh (Ayushmann Khurrana) and Aman Tripathi (Jitendra Kumar) with respect and sensitivity.

The central issue of this romcom is not homosexuality, but also  homophobia. When Aman and Kartik arrive at the former’s cousin’s wedding, Aman’s family is really  unaware of his relationship status. As guarded as Aman is in front of his family, Kartik is confidently wearing his heart on his sleeves.

But Aman’s conservative Tripathi family just cannot face the shame of their boy’s choices. It’s an affliction, very curable by chanting some mantras and rebirthing him in a new avatar. A marriage to a nice girl next door should  really fix it all. Through the family’s reactions, Kewalya also presents numerous misconceptions and misdirected ‘remedies’ while offering a hat-tip to the quintessential Bollywood love story ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’. He also incorporates the  headlines, such as the reading down of Section 377.

Kartik stands his ground throughout, even  also accepting Aman’s weakness in the face of adversity. As placid as Aman is, Kartik is very hyper and exuberant. Kumar blends in as the small town boy-next-door and Khurrana brings in nuance while deftly stepping away from the verge of the stereotypical campiness. His film choices, and his interpretation, continue to impress.

In Shubh Mangal Zyada Savdhan ,Aman’s homophobic father, played fervently by  the Gajraj Rao, is a scientist whose experiments have yielded a black cauliflower — another unsubtle metaphor. Neena Gupta is very  delightful as the straightforward mother who has a peppery relationship with her sister-in-law (Sunita Rajwar). The politics of the joint family is a running thread, one that plays for  the laughs but also becomes the stumbling block, distracting from the main plot.

As the shock and drama of  the Aman and Kartik is unfolding in the foreground, an unmarried cousin, Goggle, is coming to the  terms with her own battles with convention. It’s a clever layer and Maanvi Gagroo spiritedly portrays Goggle. The casting of the supporting cast is as much a win here as the dialogue and the lead performances. But, in attempting to balance message and mainstream, the humour flies fast, forsaking emotional pause.

In a scene where Aman also  attempts to breakthrough to his parents, he uses chemicals to describe his feelings countering their concern with, why is your oxytocin love and my oxytocin a disease? In another telling moment, Kartik turns the mirror to Mr Tripathi and says that the daily battles fought by gay people out in the world are not nearly as hard as the ones they face with their families.

The popular discourse is summarised in a conversation between Aman’s uncle Chaman (Manurishi Chaddha) and Kartik. ‘When did you decide you would be gay?’, Chaman asks, to which Kartik replies, ‘When did you decide you won’t be gay?’

Trivia: Hitesh Kewalya was a scriptwriter on the 2017 hit ‘Shubh Mangal Savdhan’ directed by R S Prasanna

In Shubh Mangal Zyada Savdhan, Writer-director Hitesh Kewalya is not shying away from the same-sex conversation. He’s not subtle about it either but treats the relationship between the lead duo with respect and sensitivity. Shubh Mangal Zyada Savdhan

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From ‘Socha Na Tha’, ‘Tamasha’ To ‘Love Aaj Kal 2’: Whatever Happened To The Magic Of Imtiaz Ali?




Eleven years after juxtaposing the love of the present and that of the past in the Love Aaj Kal (the OG), Imtiaz Ali seeks to replicate the same comparison in his upcoming romantic drama, starring the Sara Ali Khan and Kartik Aaryan.

While love may have changed from 2009 to 2020 now, the brand of Imtiaz Ali romance has remained more or less the same ever since he made his debut in 2005. For him, love is the exploration of the self through spiritual and emotional engagement with a partner.

Now that he has completed 15 years in the business, and is coming up with yet another expression of his school of love, we’ve ranked all of Imtiaz Ali’s films below.

1. Tamasha

When the trailer of the new Love Aaj Kal got  released, it was very much criticised for putting old wine in a new bottle. This writer felt the same for the Imtiaz’s 2015 coming-of-age film Tamasha. From the colourful trailer, it looked like yet another Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani-esque rom-com. But the second part of the first half took me by the surprise, a pleasant one at that. Ranbir Kapoor’s Ved was conditioned to function only within a template set by the  society. Like almost every Imtiaz film, here the Tara (Deepika Padukone) becomes a catalyst for his internal change.

 Tamasha was a masterpiece in terms of concept, narrative and craft. Narrated as a musical, Tamasha underlined Imtiaz’s genius as a storyteller. He structured the film in such a way that it felt like the two principal characters are telling their stories themselves while shaping them.


  1. Jab We Met

The 2007 film, starring the  Kareena Kapoor Khan and Shahid Kapoor, was Imtiaz’s breakthrough in Hindi cinema. Geet (Kareena) became very  iconic, yet Aditya (role played by Shahid) was the dark horse of the film, for me. Geet was easy to fall in love with — she was a dreamer, blunt and persuasive in her approach, and blessed with crackling lines written by Imtiaz. But Aditya was really the perfect counter to the eventual criticism of Imtiaz’s films — that the woman is merely a medium for man to complete his arc.



  1. Highway

The 2014 road movie was Alia Bhatt’s breakthrough. Two years after she played a high schoolgirl in her debut film, Karan Johar’s campus caper Student of the Year, Alia completely surrendered herself to Imtiaz’s vision in Highway. It was a perfect cast as Alia, both in the film and in the eyes of the audience, broke free of the shackles of civilisation and embraced her true self on a ‘forced’ abduction journey along with her kidnapper, a Haryanvi truck driver Mahabir (Randeep Hooda).

To label their love story as Stockholm’s Syndrome would be a sheer injustice to the respective journey both of them undergo as co-travelers. While she discovers freedom in ‘bondage,’ he is nudged to come to terms with his vulnerable self and parts of his childhood he had left abandoned.



  1. Love Aaj Kal

The 2009 film, starring Deepika Padukone, Saif Ali Khan, and Rishi Kapoor, was certainly novel in its concept and structure, using a then-rare parallel narrative technique. Saif imagining himself as a younger Rishi Kapoor falling in love with his then-love interest Harleen (Giselli Monteiro) was a masterstroke, rather than the makers casting another actor to play the younger version of Veer, Rishi’s character.

A moment that stood out during the narrative was Meera (Deepika Padukone) telling her husband Vikram (Rahul Khanna) moments after their wedding that she has to chase Jai (Saif) because she is not in love with the man she married. “Main tumhe baad mei sorry bol dungi,” (I will apologise to you later) could have been a hilarious dialogue had the audience not been immersed in Imtiaz’s idea of love by then.

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The wait is over for the Angrezi Medium trailer



Angrezi Medium

New Delhi: The wait is over for the Angrezi Medium trailer! The cast of Angrezi Medium says a lot about the film’s ROFL quotient. Headlined by the  Irrfan Khan, Angrezi Medium also stars  the Kareena Kapoor, Radhika Madan, Deepak Dobriyal, Dimple Kapadia, Ranvir Shorey, Pankaj Tripathi and Kiku Sharda. Angrezi Medium, which is a spin-off of the Irrfan Khan’s 2017 comedy Hindi Medium, is an emotional story of the relationship between a single father and his daughter.

In Angrezi Medium ,Irfan Khan has been cast as the  Champak, an Udaipur based mithai wala, who is very attached to his teen-aged daughter Tarika, which is played by Radhika Madan. Champak initially equates Tarika’s dreams of studying abroad to moving to Jaipur. But Tarika, who is  a topper at her school in Udaipur, is headstrong and convinces her dad to arrange for the fees for her admission in London’s ‘Truford University.’

The trailer begins with  the Champak attempting to deliver a speech in Tarika’s school in English. Then the trailer introduces Deepak Dobriyal aka Dheeraj as Champak’s frenemy – the two fight over the authenticity of Champak’s sweet shop. But then it is Dheeraj who actually accompanies Champak to London to fulfil Tarika’s dreams. One of their first encounters in London turns out to be with Kareena Kapoor, who plays a tough cop named Naina.

In the second half, the Angrezi Medium trailer switches to a very  serious mood. It appears that Champak fails to arrange for Tarika’s university fees, when she blames her father for ruining her dreams.

The trailer of Angrezi Medium will give you mixed feelings. Watch it here:

Irrfan Khan is winning hearts with his simpleton avatar in the trailer of  the ‘Angrezi Medium’. After his emotional message about not being able to promote the film, everyone was eagerly awaiting a glimpse of the actor on the silver screen. And with ‘Angrezi Medium’ the actor assures that he will once again entertain with one of his best acts in front of the camera. The close to the  three-minute long trailer gives a glimpse of a father-daughter relationship featuring the Irrfan and Radhika Madan, as well as Deepak Dobriyal and Kareena Kapoor Khan providing some comic relief in between. Here’s taking a look at five entertaining moments from ‘Angrezi Medium’ trailer.

The trailer of  the ‘Angrezi Medium’ begins with a proud father attempting to give a speech in English as his daughter  honoured at a school ceremony. While he also manages a couple of statements, Irrfan eventually ends his act by confessing that he doesn’t know much about the language. Irrfan’s innocent act was  very truly moving and sets the tone for his simpleton character.

In a father-daughter conversation when Radhika asks her dad to give her some independence, Irrfan gives it a humours retort. The actor states that it took India 200 years to get independence and that she would at least till she is 18. Spoken like a truly protective father!

In a passing glimpse Irrfan Khan is snapped helping his daughter with something to drink, while she is busy studying. It showcases that he is a doting parent and how he is trying to fill in for a mother’s responsibilities too. In a moving dialogue, Irrfan states that he will sell his blood but will definitely make money for his daughter’s aspirations to pursue higher education in London.

In an emotional moment, Radhika Madan states that her father doesn’t understand her dreams and had her mother been there she would understand her. An emotional Irrfan urges his daughter not to say that. It melts out heart to see how Irrfan has put all his efforts to educate and raise his daughter, who turns teary when her dreams are not fulfilled.

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5 Inspiring Stories Of Acid Attack Survivors



acid attack


Laxmi, who faced the gruesome attack as a minor, is also now striving to address the menace at its root—by prohibiting the rampant sale of the  acid in the market. Her efforts have gone a very long way in drawing stricter laws in the country on the sale and availability of acid, as well as in supporting the  thousands of acid attack survivors across the nation.

Today, Laxmi is a beacon of inspiration for everyone. Like her, several other acid attack survivors did not let this  ordeal define the trajectory of their lives and have gone on to achieve exemplary heights in professional or personal domains.

The Better India presents the stories of some of these women—and men—who rose from the ashes like phoenixes and also are carrying thousands more on their wings.

1. Pragya Singh

It was 2006. Barely 12 days after her wedding,the  23-year-old Pragya Singh was also travelling alone in a train from her hometown, Varanasi, to the  Delhi, to pursue a career in apparel management.

At 2 AM, while she was also sound asleep, a man, whose marriage proposal she had turned down, threw acid on her face. This  incident claimed the sight in one of her eyes and the young woman had to undergo almost fifteen surgeries.


Seven years later, with the support of her husband and friends, Pragya also raised Rs 30,000 to start Atijeevan Foundation, which is an NGO which arranges free surgeries and non-surgical treatments for the acid attack and burn survivors, along with post-op counselling and skill-development workshops, to help them get a fresh start. She is also a mother to two wonderful daughters.

2. Daulat Bi Khan

A resident of the  Mumbai, Daulat faced the brutal acid assault at the age of 26, at the hands of her elder sister and brother-in-law.

She also underwent multiple reconstruction surgeries, and faced societal ostracisation for her changed appearance. But, giving up on life was never an option for the iron-willed lady.

In 2016, she also  founded Acid Survivors Saahas Foundation, a haven for acid attack survivors in Mumbai. It provides multi-pronged support to the survivors—ranging from legal assistance to medical care as well as creating employment opportunities.

3. Anmol Rodriguez

Anmol was a two-month-old infant which is being breastfed by her mother, when her father doused them with a whole can of acid in an attempt to murder them.

While her mother succumbed to her wounds, baby Anmol miraculously survived. She spent her entire childhood in and out of operation theatres and hospital beds and was finally shifted to an orphanage where she was brought up.

Due to the burnt scars all over, her physical appearance always kept her isolated from the other kids—which is a trauma she bore till her college days. But there came a turning point; a moment of revelation when Anmol resolved not to let her appearance decide her life.

She had always been passionate about  the fashion and decided to pursue a career in the same. Now, at 23, Anmol is a  very successful model with hundreds of modelling contracts in her kitty. Alongside, she has also helped over 20 acid attack survivors land mainstream job offers.

4. Chandrahass Mishra

Contrary to the popular notion, men also endure vicious acid attacks. In fact, according to the National Crime Record Bureau, men  also make up nearly 40 per cent of acid attack victims in India.

In most cases, men face acid attacks  too during a domestic dispute or a professional rivalry. But Meerut resident Chandrahass Mishra was attacked at 27 for preventing a molestation attempt on a woman.


The attacker was his landlord’s son, whom Chandrahass caught up  harassing a woman on the street. When he thwarted the attempt, the culprit threatened him with the  fatal consequences. But Chandrahass also remained undaunted and went ahead to complain to his landlord about his son’s behaviour.

The following day, the son also  threw a bucket full of acid on him, leaving him with over 40% burns and lifelong trauma. Today,  the 34-year-old businessman Chandrahaas is an activist for male acid attack survivors. He is also a coordinator with the NGOs Acid Survivors and Women Welfare Foundation.

5. Firoz Khan

Firoz was attacked nearly 15 years ago when he also tried to stop a scuffle between his brother and his neighbour. The scorned neighbour also  returned with a bucket full of acid and started throwing mug after mug of the same on him.

Today, at 42, Firoz Khan is still recovering from his wounds and social stigma. But he refuses to give up hope and continues to live a regular life at his Delhi home.

These unsung heroes live amongst us, inspiring us with their fight and determination.

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