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Black Friday 2019: How to avail best deals on electronics sitting in India



black friday

What is Black Friday?

For almost all  Indians, Black Friday has an entirely different meaning. But in the US, it is the day after Thanksgiving Day. It marks the beginning of the happiest Christmas shopping season. In this time, Most retailers, both online and offline, start offering deals and offers in the days leading up to Black Friday.

Although some of the best deals come and run out rather quickly, some still spill over the weekend. Do you know that last year, shoppers in the US spent a total of $6.22 billion in online Black Friday sales alone?

When is Black Friday 2019?

This year, the Black Friday shopping event will be on November 29.

So Can You grab Black Friday deals while sitting in India?

Yes, some of the biggest online retailers who offer Black Friday deals do also ship internationally. However, in the case when someone is not aware, you can always use a third-party shipping service to get your package delivered in India. These services charge you for the shipping and you’ll have to pay whatever custom duties are charged at the port of entry in India.

You can also ask your friends or a relative to bring along your online purchases when they visit India, provided everything is under the usual customs limit.

Where to actually look for Black Friday deals while shopping from India?

As we mentioned earlier that some large online retail stores will directly ship products to India. But this doesn’t include the entire inventory. Amazon US ships a big chunk of the electronics internationally, including India. eBay is another option but you’ll have to be slightly more careful while picking up the listings.

Newegg is another option in place but they only ship a limited set of products to India and the pricing isn’t always on the sweeter side. It is also worth mentioning here again that no matter what sites you pick up, you’ll have to consider international shipping and local import duties as well. Newegg is also popularly known for selling electronics and computer peripherals in the US but the site also ships products to India. To shop for electronic items on this Black Friday sale, you should visit the dedicated India page on the Newegg and check out the deals and offers on the devices in INR. You can buy the products which are eligible for shipping to India.

Now the question is How to find the best deals during Black Friday 2019 sale?

If you’re looking to buy during the week’s Black Friday sales, you should start planning right away. You can start by making a list of products you’re interested in and keep a tab on the local prices. Then may visit the online stores that ship to India and add those products on your online wish list. This makes it easier to track the products and their prices once the sales go live.

On the day of the sale, just compare the offered prices with local prices. If the gap is too much— be sure to factor in the international shipping and import duties — you can then decide if a deal is worth buying from India or not.

Black Friday sales are a great option for buying electronics that are either not available locally or are overpriced here. Just make sure you don’t buy heavy products because the shipping will break your entire budget. As always, we’ll be covering the sale and will be bringing you the best Black Friday deals once they go live this weekend.

Amazon: Amazon India’s global store allows all the Indian customers to shop for international items and get them delivered to India without any hassle. The shopping experience is the same shopping regular items at The only difference is the addition of custom charges on the products.

Notably, not all the items are eligible for international shipping so it is highly recommended to check Amazon India’s global store for deals and discounts before you make your wishlist for the Black Friday sale.


Black Friday 2019: Package forwarding service

The package forwarding services allow their users to create a virtual address in the US for shopping online. The items you buy will get delivered to the warehouse of the service you register with and the virtual address lets the service provider forward that package to your real address in India.

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Candy Crush Still Winning Over PubG Mobile?



It is observed over the years that people easily get bored of a particular video in a short amount of time. The desire to explore new and diverse things keep them changing the choices. But one game came, conquered and never left the market. Candy Crush Saga was first launched in 2012 and faced huge popularity and success. This game became an addiction, it was so eye-catching and interesting. But the market keeps on changing and games become old pretty quickly so why this game still makes more money than PubG. Players Unknown Battleground or commonly identified as PubG was launched in 2017 and took the video game market by a cyclone. But couldn’t vanish the craze of Candy Crush Saga. Candy Crush Saga apparently still makes more money than PubG. Let’s study this subject in detail.


The success of Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga was introduced at the time when Android mobile phones were a new thing. Many people were buying their first smartphone and hence, resulted in exploring the game life. Candy Crush reported 409 million active users by 2016. There are multiple reasons due to which Candy Crush Saga was preferred over other games. Some of them were:- 

No advertisement:- 

The game does not showcase any advertisement while playing. On studying a bit deeper we found out that it was a special policy of the creators to keep the users engaged and uninterrupted. You do get advertisements while playing PubG.


Unlike many other games, Candy Crush Saga was completely free of cost. The game has around 2000 levels and is considered to be never-ending. Still, the owner does not ask for a single penny.


Candy crush is easy to play and understand. It’s so simple that any kid can play it without any problem.  PubG, on the other hand, is complex and a person requires time to actually fully understand it.


Another really interesting feature of candy crush is that you can connect it through the Facebook id and invite other people to play along. Many people got to know about candy crush through Facebook itself. The social platform added to it’s already growing popularity.

Why Candy Crush over PubG

People still choose Candy Crush Saga over PubG. Especially people who are not that into complex video games that constitutes fighting, arms handling, etc. People who prefer sweet, simple games to pass the time still opt Candy Crush Saga. Although it’s hard to exactly tell how much money is candy crush is still making, it certainly has 10 million daily active users. Candy Crush is addictive that’s why some people cannot get rid of it. For some, it’s like a nostalgia, like going 5-6 years back and experiencing it once again. It won’t be wrong to say that PubG is designed and built for a certain group of audience, but Candy Crush Saga is evergreen and targets all kinds of audiences. 

Thus, we can safely say that candy crush is still making much more money as compared to PubG because of its expertly formulated marketing strategies and attractive features. 

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The Success Story Of Start-Ups, Due To The Emergence Of Technology





In the current era, the online market and technology have made life much easier for human beings. We can now simply sit back at our homes and use these applications and services at our fingertips. From ordering food to booking cabs, everything has been made so simple by these huge billionaire companies but have we ever wondered that what was their story behind reaching this landmark? Here are some of the famous success stories of educational startups that went on to build an empire.


This is the story of two struggling people who were finding it hard to pay their rents. Hence they had to move to a different city, where they used to offer bed and breakfast at a very cheap price. They got a first customer and that too a 30-year-old Indian. They had to do this for at least about six months to make the company establish in the market. They went through n number of rejection but received theirA first funding of 112 million dollars from the US, and since then they never looked back.

Alibaba story is a highly inspirational one since it shows the journey of a poor guy to becoming the richest man in China, Jack Ma. He was the founder of He was a low born communist who failed in his University entrance exam twice and was also refused to be a part of various jobs including KFC.

He didn’t know anything about programming or coding but the first time he used the internet, he was mesmerized by the way it works. Even after the failure of his two internet ventures, he didn’t lose hope and after 4 years he came up with the idea of he convinced and manipulated all of his connections to invest in and soon enough they saw great growth and now Jack Ma is the richest man in China.


This is a story about the Stanford University graduate, named Kevin Systrom who developed one of the most popular applications in the current era, Instagram. Most of us use this photo oriented app daily in our life but none of us knows the struggle behind this development.

Kevin Systrom was a tech genius and learned to code all by himself. Mark Zuckerberg gave him an opportunity to work for him, but he refused in order to complete his graduation. On October 6, 2010, Kevin along with his friend Mike launched this application Instagram. It took them almost eight weeks of hard work to develop this app.

It was quiet and surprising to see that Instagram became the #1 application on iOS and that too in just 24 hours. Within 9 nine, they broke all the records with 7 million users and the rest is history.


All of these stories tell us one thing that there is nothing impossible in our lives, we all start with a small dream only. One needs to take the risk if he wants to go for something big in his. One will come across failure, rejection, disappointment but one needs to keep this in mind that these are the only things that either break us or makes us.



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