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Fashion & Comfort – Top 5 Outfits That Provide You Both




Fashion is correlated to how confident one feels and comfort promotes confidence. You should make sure that you are comfortable in the clothes that you choose to wear because when you feel great, you look great.

Here is a list of top 5 items that make one feel fashionable and comfortable at the same time:

Palazzo pants

Palazzo pants are extremely comfortable because of their perfectly loose cut, which gives a graceful flair to your figure and allows the legs to whirl around you as you walk. With the arrival of summer, palazzo pants are surely coming back. There are very few clothes that can match the level of elegance and comfort and Palazzo pants certainly top the list. The best part about wearing them is that they could be styled with a lot of garments ranging from a simple crop top to a kurta. These are super versatile and do not cost you a fortune.


Kurti is a blend of fashion and Indian tradition. It is a great choice for a woman who wants to add an Indo-western touch to the dressing. Gone are those days when we used to pair Kurtis with Salwar only. Today, Kurtis could be paired with Jeans, flared skirts, slim pants and what not. Not only do they make you look graceful but also trendy. They most definitely are your safest bet especially when you have to beat the summer heat. Today, you will find a variety of Kurtis that you can wear at a party, office home, and other occasions like festivals and weddings.


Women no longer have to spend hours worrying over matching separates if they decide on wearing a jumpsuit which is why Jumpsuits are called the epitome of a modern woman’s wardrobe. They fit every occasion and it’s almost impossible to go wrong with a jumpsuit. They make you look elegant and sophisticated. Jumpsuits simplify one’s life as one does not need to worry about accessorizing and spending time in the morning hanging out in their closet trying to match tops and bottoms and having little luck.


Dresses are something that can be worn in any weather as they come in a lot of variety which increases the number of things they can be paired with. Wearing a flare dress with the right accessories in a summer season or pairing a maxi or bodycon dress with a leather/denim jacket in winters, the ways are endless. A dress makes you look vibrant and young. To prioritize comfort, one can always pair a T-shirt dress with sneakers. Indie dresses paired with a pair of flats are another option that lets your skin breathe.



There are so many different types of Skirts with different lengths which is why you don’t need to worry about discomfort arising out of the length of your skirt. Skirts offer you a variety of options ranging from flare, mini, and pleated skirts to maxi, long and A-Line skirts. You don’t have to worry about a set size when wearing skirts. All you need to do is make sure the skirt’s waist section is made of elastic for easy stretching. They are pretty easy to maintain as well.


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World Heart Day- How To Keep Your Heart Healthy



World Heart Day- How To Keep Your Heart Healthy

It has been recorded that more than 17.5 million people die every year due to cardiovascular problems. Some people are not even aware that the small habits that they have inculcated over time leads to such diseases. Thus, 29th September we celebrate World Heart Day which was created by World Heart Federation. The aim is to spread awareness about the diseases related to cardiovascular system and the means so avoid it.

Tips To Take Care Of Your Heart

Welcome to World Heart Day

Healthy Diet Plan – The proper functioning of the cardiovascular system is directly proportional to the food habits. Healthy food habits which include lots of vegetables and fruits are considered to be healthy. It is advisable to avoid fats and fast foods as it contains high doses of saturated fatty acids. Carbohydrates intake should be reduced before the bedtime, or else it can be taken throughout the day.

Exercise- Exercise comes with more than just one benefit. It helps to regulate the blood flow throughout the body. Regular exercise helps to contain blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol.

Avoid Smoking- Smoking is one of the major causes of many diseases. By quiting the habit of smoking one can avoid chronic lung diseases, heart diseases and maintain pressure levels. Heart diseases can be prevented by quitting the habit. It might be noted that passive smoking or smoking in small amounts can be risky for the heart. The moment you quit smoking the chances of getting a coronary heart disease drops.

Alcohol- Just like smoking, alcohol also does a lot bad for the body than good. The consumption of alcohol should be limited, for women it is one drink a day and for men it is two drinks. This only applies to people who are below the age of 65.

Weight- Another important cause of getting chronic diseases must be taken into account. If a person can maintain their body weight the chances of getting coronary diseases will decrease. People who are obese are proven to get infected faster than the rest. Thus, maintaining body weight becomes an imperative.

Salt and Sugar Content- Salt intake should be 6gm per day and sugar should be 20-25 gram per day. The more you avoid in taking more sugar and salt the more effective it will be.

Sleep – It is advised to at least sleep for 8 hours a day as people who do not sleep much has a higher chance of stroke and heart diseases. Sleep also helps to fend of depressive thoughts.

Stress- Another factor that increases blood pressure and in turn leads to the development of other chronic forms of disease. The more relaxed the person will the more healthy it will be.


Simple steps or changes can make a big difference in the life of the individual so much so that chronic diseases and strokes can be prevented. It is important for people to know about the day and the cause so that they can participate and in turn spread awareness.

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Toxic Habits That You Need To Say Goodbye



Toxic Habits

Living in a free world, giving time to your hobbies and doing work from home seems the coolest idea ever. But unfortunately, our routine also includes some toxic habits which are needed to be said goodbye as soon as possible. These habits might seem small but these small toxic habits might affect your lifestyle tremendously. These effects would be negative concerning your mental and physical health. Let us have a look at these toxic habits:

Excessive Social Media Usage

toxic habits (excessive social media )

Using social media is a nice way to refresh your mind until it does not turn into a compulsive habit. The concept of digital addiction can also be applied to the excess use of social media compulsively and excessively. The major impacts of this habit would affect both your physical and mental soundness. To get rid of this habit you can take help from the social media platform itself such as Instagram inform the users about their usage time and also allows user to set a time limit for their usage. Also, you can try diverting your mind to get rid of the urge to use pick up your cell phone.


toxic habits (binge watching

On social media or peer discussions, binge-watching sounds quite cool and trendy. But if you think about it rationally, Binge-watching is indeed an unhealthy practice. Sitting in front of a screen for hours will result in negative impacts on your health. To get rid of this habit, you can create a proper schedule. Instead of watching all four seasons of a series in a single day, you can divide episodes per day including break within more than two episodes to ensure if you are not spending a very long time in front of the screen.

Peer Pressure

toxic habits(peer pressure

Peer Pressure is something which most of the teenagers and young adults face. Peer Pressure can reduce your efficiency, confidence and self-respect. Peer Pressure is good if it is for healthy for you in the sense if it motivates you to achieve something or bring out your hidden talent. But peer pressure is extremely wrong if you are forced to take wrong decisions or negatively impact your mental health in the purview of it. To get rid of toxic pressure the first step is self-acceptance which is the key to contentment. Once you will accept and appreciate yourself the way you are, you will never feel any urge to be accepted by a certain set of people or a fancy group at your school, college or workplace.

Excessive eating of Junk Food

toxic habits(excessive junkfood

Say No to Junk Food sounds like a perfect slogan for a perfect and healthy lifestyle but no one is asking you say complete no to junk food if you love it badly. You just need to control your excessive eating of junk food which is forbidden. The reason is that it is not easy to control your eating habits suddenly. How funny it sounds to be a junk food addict at night and suddenly being able to forget all about it the next morning. Not only funny it is impractical to. You can begin it by fixing two or three days a week to eat junk food and not to even touch it on other days.

Comparing yourself with others

toxic habits (comparing yourself with ours)

Most of the people spend half of their day by comparing their life with others whom they find to live a better and easy life. But to be frank, this is delusional. Everyone has their struggles which you might not even be aware of. Even the top celebrities whom we find most successful and happy are also struggling with their problems. Hence, be grateful for what you have and work hard for achieving what you lack without comparing yourself with others.


These Toxic habits are the sole cause of the suffering of men. These are needed to be addressed as soon as possible. These habits take time to form but take more time to leave you. It is your self-determination and strong will for a healthy living which in turn motivates you to get rid of toxic habits.



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Top Holiday Destination In India You Can Finalize For Your Future Trips



Top Holiday Destination

From the snow-covered Himalayas to hot desert of Thar, historical buildings to cherish past to modern parks conserving biodiversity, India is a land of diversity which makes it Incredible India. Incredible India is full of top holiday destinations for travellers. However, this year came out as a disappointment for travellers but it is always safe to travel virtually and look for a wonderful holiday destination for your future trip. Let us have a look some of the top holiday destinations within India which you can finalize for your future trips.


Top Holiday Destination

Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan or better known as the Pink City is one of the favourite holiday destinations of the tourists. Jaipur, the city of Rajputana present exquisite views of Rajputana Architecture along with the modern outlook of the city. Jaipur, being the heart of Rajasthan is the perfect place if you are looking forward to exploring the Rajasthani culture. The notable heritage sites at Jaipur are Hawa Mahal, Patrika Gate and Amber Fort. Other notable sites are City Palace museum which is the current residence of the royal family as well and Albert museum. The best time to visit Jaipur is between September to February as the summers in Jaipur are unbearable.

Agra and Fatehpur Sikri

top holiday destinations (Agra)

Agra and Fatehpur Sikri are two cities in Uttar Pradesh but the fact the distance between the locations is quite less, a single trip can easily cover both. Agra is famous for Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world. Along with Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and Tomb of Itmad-ud-Daulah are notable sites. Fatehpur Sikri is a city laid by Akbar. It is famous for Jodha Palace, Panch Mahal, Anup Talao, Birbal Palace, Buland Darwaza, Diwan-i-Khas, Diwan-i-Aam, etc. The most famous building is the tomb of Salim Chishti. The Mughal architecture is said to reach its zenith during the reign of Shahjahan which is quite evident by the architecture of Taj Mahal. The best time to visit Agra is from September to February as the summers of Uttar Pradesh are unbearable.


top holiday destinations (Manali)

Manali is a beautiful city for adventurous travellers. It is hill-station in the beautiful state of Himachal Pradesh. Manali is mostly visited by tourists during the winter season. The snowfall is the main attraction of the town. The Solang Valley is especially famous for snowfall. The tourists are taken up to a certain height in Solang Valley so that they can enjoy the snow. The other notable site in the town is Vashishtha Temple which is quite famous for its hot-water springs. The Hidimba Devi Temple is also an ancient temple that you must not miss. The adventurous travellers must be happy to visit this town as the route from Kullu to Manali is full of Rafting sites and paragliding sites. The best time to visit Manali is from December to March if you are looking for snow. You must not visit the town during monsoon as rafting during monsoon might be very dangerous.



top holiday destinations(Varanasi)

Varanasi is the land of God. It is situated on the banks of Ganga. The city is quite famous for its temples. The pious city has several beautiful sites which must be visited. The notable sites are Shri Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Deshashwamedh Ghat, Manikarnika Ghat, Ramnagar Fort and Assi  Ghat. Varanashi, also known as Kashi is also famous for Dev Deepawali which is celebrated with great pomp and show. The city is famous for Ganga aarti at the Ghats. The Ganga Arti is a daily ritual which Is attended by devotees, locals and visitors in a large number.


top holiday destinations(Kolkata)

Kolkata is situated on the bank of river Hoogly. It is a beautiful town which is also the capital of West Bengal. Kolkata symbolises Bengali culture. Bengal was first to show signs of a renaissance in India which is quite evident if you visit Kolkata. Kolkata island of the intermingling of British architecture and Bengali heritage. The notable sites to visit in Kolkata are Victoria Memorial, Howrah Bridge, Indian Museum, Dakshinshwar Kali Temple, Science City Kolkata and Kalighata. The Victoria Memorial and Howrah Bridge are the historical buildings of the British era.

These places are the top choices to visit virtually this season and then make them your choice for your next trip.


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Some Tips To Turn Your Passion Into A Profession In COVID-19 Era



passion into profession

Everyone wants to turn their passion into a profession. Most of the time we are caught up in such a job which might not suit our personality. In the present COVID-19 era, a lot of business has gone down. Many businesses are still continuing but the profit rate is very low. It is not a good idea to wait for COVID-era to end and then focus on your business. Instead of like a smart businessman or businesswoman, you should look for new opportunities in which you might yourself home and what might benefit you in a pandemic scenario. Let us have a look at some of the tips to turn your passion into a profession in COVID-19 era: –

Make a firm decision

passion into profession

A firm decision is required to turn your creativity in your professional business. For example, if you are very much interested in home décor and you are planning to begin with an online business for home décor items, you must make a firm decision before executing your plan. The reason is very simple, it will be as much business as some other business. It is not very true that if you love something then it might not look like any other profession. It will make you feel home a lot of times but then there will be times when you will be wanting to take a break but would be unable due to workload. Hence, you must make up your mind and think about all the dimensions before making any decision.

Be Professional

passion into profession (be professional)

Now that you are turning your passion into your profession, it will not be similar. For example, if you are looking forward to writing as a career, it might not remain the way it was before as a hobby. As a hobby, you might write whenever you feel like but now you might require to work even those times when you are not feeling like. This distinction must be very clear and must not force you to compromise with your profession. Hence, you must work more as a professional than the as passionate person.

Better options for marketing

passion into profession (better options for marketing)

As you are choosing something you are already passionate about as your profession, you might already be in contact with some of the likeminded people. And even if not, you might be well aware of the mental state of your customers as you yourself have been part of that stage. Take advantage of these facts for better marketing of your product. If you are already in good terms with some of the likeminded people or the people associated with a similar business, collaborate with them or approach them for better reach.

Effective use of Social Media

passion into profession (effective use of social media)

Social Media is emerging as one of the best options to expand your business. You can also use it effectively. Due to COVID-19 era, it is hard to reach a wider audience through offline marketing measures. Better to use online methods in which Social Media comes up as the most important tool. You may create a business profile and show people your work. Accept orders through social media. Use SEO Tools to reach a wider range of audience.

Finally, Be Patient

passion into profession (be patient)

Stepping up into a new passion might prove a super idea if whatever you choose to do gives you profit at a fast rate. However, this is not a common cause. It always takes time to make your position in the market. Do not lose interest very fast and dishearten yourself. Accept the fact that your previous business did not earn profit overnight. It will take a good time and the returns will be good. Hence, you should focus on delivering good quality products and services instead of worrying a lot about profits.

Final Words

At the end of the day, turning your passion into their profession is a very good idea. But, business comes up with lots of responsibilities like filing taxes, making plans, watching competitors, getting a good team, etc. However, you will always feel at home if you will not let that flame of passion blow out. Just love your work, it will love you back.

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How To Stay Positive During Global Pandemic



stay positive

A global pandemic, COVID-19 has impacted our social, physical and mental wellness very badly. It is very hard to stay positive when newspapers, the internet and even your surroundings keep alarming you about the ongoing danger. It might unconsciously impact the mental and emotional well-being of an individual. Thus, it becomes important to feel positivity around. But still, it is not very easy to fill your head with positive thoughts when all you hear and see about is negativity around you. The best solution is to reduce the negative energy around you. Don’t worry, it is not that hard. Let us have a look at some of the best ways to stay positive during a global pandemic: –

Know as much is required

stay positive(know as much is required)

Too much of exposure to information is bad for your health, especially when it is about a global pandemic which is the main source of your anxiety. Obviously, you need to be aware. You need to know about what the virus, how it spreads, what are symptoms and finally how can you prevent it. Focus on these details rather than surfing unnecessary about the cases and deaths around the globe. Such exposure to death rate and active cases might affect your mental health and let to worrying about unnecessary things.

Your body needs a workout

stay positive (your body needs workout

Physical wellness equates with mental wellness. Focus on your body. You need not work too hard to get eight packs or biceps. But you can try reducing your body fat by following a healthy routine. You may take it as a challenge to improve your lifestyle during this lockdown. Again, it is not necessary to perform the heavy exercise. A new habit of Yoga or brisk walk twice a day will also work. This will not only divert your mind but also yield fruitful results for your health and future.

Show your creative side

stay positive(show your creative side)

Since the first day of lockdown, people were posting pictures enjoying their hobbies. Many people are also learning new things during this lockdown. It is quite sure that there may be things that you love but cannot find time to work upon them. Well, now you can. Even if you are someone who has not ever tried being creative, you can now. It is not hard for being creative. Whether it is a piece of paper, a canvas, a musical instrument or your kitchen, you can get creative easily with the help of internet.

What about learning

stay positive(what about learning)

Learning is universal. You are never too old to learn. Learning something new is very easy in this era of global connectivity through the internet. There are thousands of different courses available on the internet which will definitely enhance your skills and deviate your mind from the unnecessary happening around. You can try a new skill, a foreign language or maybe some diploma or certificate course online. There are lots of certified Universities offering courses online, just find the one which suits your interest.

Watch, listen and read

stay positive(watch, listen, read)

By watching, listening and reading, we mean your favourite movies, series, music and books. Quarantine has given you a chance to binge-watch all your pending series or read that uncomplete stack of books which you could not read due to your busy schedule. It is time to watch, read and listen to what makes you happy, appreciate the pieces of art. Recently, TV Channels have also begun to release new episodes. You may watch a good sitcom on the TV or maybe a movie you like.

Finally, be grateful

stay positive(be grateful)

Gratefulness is the art of living. Be grateful for every morning you wake up. You are living and you have time to improve your life. You have time to enjoy your life. If you are at your house with your family, be grateful for being able to spend quality time with them. Call your friends. Be grateful for your wellness. Gratefulness is the key to positivity. If you will feel grateful, you will indeed feel happier.

Positivity is not a lost object for which you have to look everywhere. It is within you and it must be found within. However, there are a lot of things which may help you to keep yourself busy. Finally, positivity is all about your outlook of life. Be an optimist and look at each and everything with a positive outlook.

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