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The Defeat of Table Toppers : India Vs New Zeland



The craze of cricket is not new in India. Indian public of every age group has always been a huge cricket maniac. The cricket world cup of 2019 was more than special for us. Everyone was hopeful for the Indian team to bring the trophy home, but sadly all the hopes and expectations got shattered into million pieces after yesterday’s match. India lost unexpectedly, and with the loss, our journey came to an end in this world cup. All the highlights and reasons are discussed further in this article.


Match Analysis

The first semi-final of the world cup was decided to take place on the 9th of July but that could not happen. Half of the game was played on 9th and the other half on 10th July. New Zealand won the toss and decided to bat first. The first inning started where New Zealand’s batting was not that impressive and everyone very early in the match decided that this match belongs to India. In 46.1 overs Newzeland only manages to score 211 runs with the loss of 5 wickets and then rain stopped the play. Rain emerged as a villain in this crucial game. After waiting for really long it was decided that the rest of the game will be continued on a reserved day.

The second day of the match started from where it was interrupted. New Zealand managed to score a total of 239 runs. Indian batting line up shattered like a stack of cards under the Newzeland bowling spell. All the expectations of yet another century from Rohit Sharma got vanished and the whole country just wanted the big win. The chase that was looking like a piece of cake earlier now looked like a walk of thorns. Although M.S Dhoni and Ravindra Jadeja tried their level best India could not save this match and ultimately lost it.


The Rain Factor

The rain played a very deciding role in this semi-finals. Debates are going on that if the match would have been completed in a normal way without rain India would have won it. But nothing is set in stone. But the rain did put Newzeland on the gaining side. It provided them the chance to redeem themselves overnight and enhance their planning to win the game. India, on the other hand, became super chill and overconfident and thus, ended up on the losing side.


MS Dhoni: the best finisher

MS Dhoni Indian team’s ex-captain and an amazing player did everything he could have done to win the game but sadly everything went in vain. The ex-captain cool played a superb inning of 50 runs, despite being out of form. MS Dhoni has done wonders for Indian cricket in the past 12 years. He is considered to be one of the most successful captains ever by winning the trophy in all the three formats and making team India number 1 in ODI as well as Test matches. But unfortunately, this might be the last world cup of Dhoni and retirement news can come any day.


Controversial Captaincy

Many questions were raised regarding the lost match. Whose fault it was? Why did top batting order fail? Why no one was sticking on the ground and scoring runs? But the most important question was raised on the captaincy of Virat Kohli. What mistakes could have been avoided by Virat Kohli as a captain? What could have been to prevent the loss after losing so many wickets? Why didn’t he as a captain took the burden on his shoulder and scored something. Moreover, his comparison with MS Dhoni also began.

Nonetheless, we shouldn’t get so disheartened over a game. It’s a sport after all someone has to lose, and someone has to win.



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Novak Djokovic Hits Line Judge In The Throat, Out Of US Open



Novak Djokovic Hits Line Judge In The Throat

World no.1 Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic has been recently kicked out of the US open because he accidentally hit a line judge in the throat. With this, his stunning record of 29 winning strikes is lost along with his bid for the 18th grand slam.

In the first set of his fourth-round match against Spanish tennis player Carreno Busta. Trailing 6-5 in the first set, when Novak was going to the Arthur Ashe Stadium sideline for a changeover, he angrily threw the tennis ball behind him. As he smacked the ball, the ball went straight towards the line judges and hit a female line judge in the throat, who fell at her knees and reached for her neck in pain.

Djokovic kicked out of game

Novak Djokovic out of US Open after hitting line judge with ball

After this incident, there was some discussion on the tennis court for 10 minutes, with tournament referee Soeren Friemel, Grand Slam supervisor Andreas Egli and chair umpire Aurelie Tourte.  Novak said that his action was unintentional and the incident was pure coincident. However, since the judge was hurt and this fact lead the ruling resulting in Novak being dismissed from the game.

Pleading his case, Novak said as the accident was unintended, so he should not be defaulted. Friemel who made the final decision of ending the match said that “we all agree that the action was not done on purpose, but the fact that he hurt the line judge is clear and since she is seriously hurt. He must pay the penalty”. However, Friemel didn’t saw the accident himself and was also denied the video replay, but as informed by others he took the decision.

Later, Novak Djokovic went on to shake hands with his opponent Carreno Busta and it was announced that Djokovic has defaulted, which equivalent to an ejection in tennis and Djokovic  left with this without any media interaction.

Djokovic posted an apology on Instagram

Novak Djokovic Apology


After a few hours, Novak Djokovic took it to Instagram to apologize. On the post, he shared with the picture of him leaving the court he wrote that the situation has left him empty and very sad. He checked with the person hurt and is thankful that she is okay. As for the disqualification he said,” I need to go back and work on the disappointment and sorrow this had brought to me and take a life lesson from it to grow and evaluate myself”. He apologized to U.S. open and anybody hurt due to his behavior and said he meant no harm. He also thanked his team, family, and fans for supporting him. Later in another post, he also thanked all his fans for all the support and messages and asked them to wish for the line judge’s good health.

USTA also said that the ranking position will be forfeited along with 250000$ won by him during the tournament. U.S. Open also released an official statement saying that however Novak’s action was unintentional but as per the rule book the incident was reckless and need to be penalized.

Final words

Disqualifying players from tournaments in situations like these where the accident is unintentional is not so common. However, with this disqualification Djokovic has lost his opportunity to win the US open. Djokovic apologized and decided to take a lesson from it to be more careful in future.




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Sumit Nagal Becomes First Indian In 7 Years To Enter The 2nd Round Of The US Open



sumit nagal

Sumit Nagal  has become first Indian in 7 years to enter the second round of the US Open. On tuesday, Sumit beat Bradley Klahn to make his way to the second round of US Open.This is a big achievement for Sumit Nagal  as well the nation. Before him, Somedev Devvarman was the last Indian to get past the first round in 2013. Netizens have begun to cheer Sumit Nagal  for the next round and it seems as if everyone is confident about his victory.

Sumit Nagal

sumit nagal (sumit nagal

Sumit Nagal is a 23-year-old tennis player from New Delhi, India. He has won 2015 Wimbledon boy’s doubles title with his partner Ly Hoang Nam from Vietnam. He is the sixth Indian player to win junior Grand Slam title. In 2017, he won first ATP challenger title. In 2019, he has won the Buenos Aires Challenge. Sumit is presently participating in the US Open and he has reached the second round. Due to COVID- 19, the number of matches has been reduced but Sumit thinks that it can serve as an advantage to him.

The U.S. administration is also taking special safety measures to safeguard everyone from virus, due to which participants will not be able to explore the city the way they might have planned. In this regard, Sumit said, “I’m a guy who likes to stay in as much as possible but… you do feel it a bit. I wish I could go out and see the buildings, walk on the streets of New York. I’ll be on my normal routine… Probably play a game or two on my computer.”

Words of Sumit Nagal  on winning the first round

sumit nagal (words of sumit nagal

Sumit Nagal has expressed his feelings after winning the first round and has also shown his excitement to play the next round. He said, “I’ve got nothing to lose. Last year I played Roger Federer and this year Thiem. It’s going to be a great match. For sure, I’m not the favourite.” Due to the ongoing situation of Covid-19, the number of matches is less this year. Nagpal, who is ranked 124th in the world said that it could be an advantage for him while playing against Australia’s player who is ranked number third in the world. In his own words, “I don’t think we’ve had enough match practice on hard courts. It’s going to be the same for both of us for the match on Thursday.”

Final Words

Sumit Nagal has become first Indian in 7 years to enter the second round of the US Open. On tuesday, Sumit beat Bradley Klahn to make his way to the second round of US Open.This is a big achievement for Sumit Nagal as well the nation. Before him, Somedev Devvarman was the last Indian to get past the first round in 2013. Netizens have begun to cheer Sumit Nagal for the next round and it seems as if everyone is confident about his victory.

It is a proud moment for the country as Sumit Nagal has reached the second round of US Open. As he is the only Indian to reach this level after 2013, everyone in India is very happy. This is Nagal’s second successive US Open main draw appearance and he has successfully managed to perform better this year. Indians have high hopes from Sumit now and they have already started cheering him to win the title on social media platforms.




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Touching Tributes for Captain Cool Dhoni From Fans on His Retirement



touching tributes for captain cool Dhoni

Mahendra Singh Dhoni recently announced his retirement on a social media platform which made his fans and teammates and fans sad. A lot of touching tributes for captain cool Dhoni are flooding the social media. The love that his fans are showing is priceless as Dhoni has been one of the most favourite players of a majority of Cricket lovers. Mahendra Singh Dhoni has achieved a lot in his career and has become an inspiration for all the Indians who aspire to become a cricketer one day.


Though everyone was already aware of the retirement of Dhoni for a long time his recent announcement has made all his fans emotional. He posted a video on Instagram showing his journey in Indian Cricket Team with a caption saying “Thanks a lot for your love and support throughout from 1929 hrs consider me as Retired” The video as well the caption made all of his fans and teammates emotional and people began to express their feelings in the comment section.

The favourite Captain

Dhoni has been the favourite player of almost all cricket lovers. The reason being his most calm, composite, dedicated, successful and best captain till now. He is the only captain who has won all three world cups existing. He is known for his calmness and composite outlook. Even in most difficult circumstances, Dhoni never lost control and also try to channel the emotions of his teammates. He is an epitome of the perfect leader, one of the most successful captains ever and a true patriot. Dhoni has also served in Indian Army for serving the nation. Not only for his fans, but he has also been the favourite person of all his teammates as well.

Touching Tributes

After Mahendra Singh Dhoni announced his retirement, his fans, friends, celebrities and teammates begin to show their emotions and pay tribute to him. The twitter was flooded with love showered for Dhoni. Many eminent personalities like Honorable Vice President of India, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari, Sonu Sood, Virat Kohli and many more also paid touching tribute at the retirement of captain cool.


Tweet of Honorable Vice President of India

Tweet of Ricky Ponting

touching tributes for captain cool(ricky ponting tweet

Tweet of Sachin Tendulkar, The God of Cricket

touching tributes for captain cool(sachin tendulkar tweet

Tweet of Sonu Sood

touching tributes for captain cool dhoni (sonu sood tweet

Tweet of Mithali Raj

touching tributes for captain cool(mithaki raj tweet

Tweet of Virat Kohli

touching tributes for captain cool(tweet of virat kohli

Tweet of Shashi Tharoor


Tweet of Kamal Hassan

touching tributes for captain cool(kamal hassan tweet

Tweet of Randeep Hooda

touching tributes for captain cool(randeep hooda tweet

Final Words

Mahendra Singh Dhoni has been an all-time favourite of cricket lovers all over the world. Though his retirement was known and expected yet the actual moment became unbearable for the fans. Most of his fans even requested him to undo his decision and join the team again. This shows the attachment of people which they share with their favourite player. Though Dhoni has now officially taken retirement he will always be the favourite player of all his fans.

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Dutee Chand’s Recent Facebook Post Gave Way To A Controversy



Dutee Chand

Recently, National Champion and India’s Fastest Woman Dutee Chand uploaded a post to the Facebook including pictures of her BMW with a caption that she wants to sell her BMW. She took down the post but soon it caused havoc over social media platforms. A statement made by Dutee led to a flood of tweets and reactions by people. Let us see the whole matter.

The reason was given by Dutee Chand to sell her BMW

As the reasons for selling the car, she said that she since always wanted to ride a BMW and got the opportunity to buy it after she got Rs. 3 Crore for her achievement in Asian Games. But her present financial condition is not fine and she is not able to continue with her fitness training for Tokyo Olympics. She also said that she was not able to get any sponsors due to COVID-19 as according to her, her money has exhausted. So, the last option left with her is to sell her car. Even Odisha Government has made it clear in a press release that they have paid Rs. 3 Crore to the 24-year-old athlete after her Asian Games achievements.

Controversies over her statement

dutee chand(press statement)

Soon Dutee Chand’s post became viral before it was deleted. After the reasons specified her according to reported media, people began to rant her on social media. A lot of people called it her publicity stunt. They said that Dutee had enough money to finance her but all she did was just to receive limelight. At this, Dutee Chand came out and said that she is very unhappy with such comments. She also released a press statement on Wednesday.

She accused the media of misinterpreting her language. She also said that her KIIT Academy and Odisha Government had always supported her but she did not want to burden them. She also remarked that she never said that she wanted to sell her car to maintain her finances for fitness training. But she also made a point by saying that it is undeniable fact that her training is very expensive and she would be happy if the money she gets by selling her BMW would be diverted towards her training. Dutee Chand said that she always loved luxurious cars but maintaining them is a costly matter and she considered it spendthrift on her part. According to her, a car can be bought when she would receive money from the government, post-COVID crisis.

Dutee Chand expressed her grief over people showing much interest in her personal life and dragging her personal issues into all this. She requested everyone to not comment over her personal life, family matters, state government and her alma-mater.

Even after Dutee’s statements, many people were expressing their different views over social media. Some were supporting her while many were still calling it her publicity stunt and a way of attaining publicity. But after all this, currently, things are taking a peaceful turn and there is hush on social media platform regarding this matter.


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 Mahendra Singh Dhoni The Captain Cool turns 39



Mahendra SIngh DHoni

Mahendra Singh Dhoni or better known as Mahi or Dhoni is the most loved Indian Cricketer of all the time. Fans often call him Captain cool. The Cricketer has been the former captain of Indian Cricket Team but is still looked upon as most respectable player not only by fans but also by his teammates. Today, on his 39th birthday, let us have a look at some amazing and wonderful facts about Dhoni.

Only Captain to win All ICC Trophies

Mahendra Singh Dhoni (worldcup)

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is known for captaincy in 2011 World Cup won by India but he is also the only captain in the whole long history of Cricket to win all the ICC Trophies. The credit not only goes to the smart captaincy of this legend but also to his smart choice about his teammates and their respective positions on the playfield. Under his captaincy, India won ICC  T20 World Cup in 2007, Asia Cups in 2010 and 2016, ICC World Cup in 2011 and ICC Champions Trophy. Such a record has not yet been set up by any other captain of any cricket team in the world.

Better known as Captain Cool


Almost everyone knows when someone is referring to Captain Cool, they are talking about Dhoni. But the major reason behind this is yet unknown to many. Dhoni is very calm by nature. During matches, almost players often lose their control over their emotions but Dhoni is always seen in the calm and composite mood even during hard times. This control over himself not only makes him the most respected player but also gives strength to his co-players.


Cricket is not the only game which Dhoni has played since ever. Before Cricket, he used to play football and badminton. His outstanding goalkeeping skills caught the eye of his childhood coach, who asked him to play for school cricket team as wicketkeeper. Also, Dhoni has played both football and badminton at district level championships.

Helicopter Shot

Dhoni’s Helicopter Shot is very famous. Almost everyone has heard about it. But Dhoni is not the inventor of this shot. It was learnt by him from his friend named Santosh Lal and that too, during a tennis tournament in Ranchi.

Honorary rank of Lieutenant Colonel

Dhoni (army)

Dhoni has been conferred to the honorary rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the year 2011. Dhoni has since always expressed his love for the Army and his country. He also serves the nation by taking up his duties in the Army. According to him, he always tells his wife that she is the third love of his life with the country being the first and his parents being the second.

Only Cricketer to reach Eight IPL Finals

Dhoni is the captain of IPL team “Chennai Super Kings” and he has been the only cricketer to reach finals of all the eight IPL seasons. He has also won three of the finals in years 2010, 2011 and 2018. And the most interesting fact is that he is the only captain with such a title.

Final word

Dhoni is one of the most loving cricketers of the Indian Cricket Team. He has fans all over the world. On his 39th birthday, a lot of his fans have been wishing him. Twitter is full of birthday wishes. Rohit Sharma wished “Happy Birthday Youngster” to him. BCCI has also tweeted to wish him. Along with this, many cricketers and celebrities are wising him. With these wishes, we hope Dhoni will set more and more records in the future and make his family, friends, fans and the country proud.


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