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A ‘Mature Bag’ Has Taken Over the Indian Internet and it Packs a Lot of Memes



Mature Bag -look attractive

It doesn’t take long for something to go viral on social media these days. Remember the JCB memes which broke the internet a few weeks back? All because someone discovered that the JCB ki Khudayi videos have a million views on YouTube. Yes, precisely, you get our point.

Now, the mature bag has taken over the internet.

What is a “mature bag”? Good question.

A couple of days ago, a video went viral on social media where a young guy explains how to look attractive in college. And according to him, the bag you carry to college plays a crucial role in winning your brownie points.

He says that one shouldn’t carry the same bag one carried to school while in college. They need to opt for a “mature bag” in order to look more attractive. In the video, he recommends that college goers should go for a brown leather bag from Amazon if they want to look “cool.”

This particular bag is quite common and one of Amazon’s most popular products. The video, made in good humor, quickly caught on and Twitterati took the mature bag on a ride to meme university.

In fact, some flooded the product review section on Amazon with comments like, “I bought this bag and within ten minutes of entering college, I had 6 girls ask me out.”

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These are some of the most hilarious memes we came across:

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Adnan Sami Has Revealed What The Nation Wanted To Know



adnan sami

The mystery has been solved by Adnan Sami, What was Arnab Goswami watching on his laptop and trying to evade the conversation that comedian Kunal Kamra was trying to strike with him in flight. Kamra had a lot of questions but Arnab, on the other hand, kept looking into his laptop screen. What exactly was he doing?

Another comedian José Cavaco aka Hoezay also took a jibe at the entire scenario also revealing that he was helping Arnab Goswami through a video call. Of course, it was a joke, and his fans know that this wasn’t the first time that José has made a rib-tickling video. 

But now we have an answer to the question that was on everyone’s mind but nobody did ask. What was Arnab watching? 

Singer Adnan Sami, who was caught up in the controversy surrounding his Padma Shri win and was trolled for the same, has revealed that Arnab was watching Two Popes on the IndiGo flight

That was indeed the ultimate ‘Netflix and chill’ moment.

“I was just speaking to my dear friend #ArnabGoswami & couldn’t help asking him how he remained so calm while he was being verbally assaulted by a joker. He said that since he’s a huge fan of Anthony Hopkins, he was watching “Two Popes” on @NetflixIndia!! How ‘Cool’ is that??,” tweeted the singer.

Following the stand-up comedian Kunal Kamra’s mid-air heckling of Arnab Goswami, the nation also wanted to know what was the Republic Editor watching in the IndiGo flight on January 28. Now, we have an answer.

Singer Adnan Sami has revealed that Goswami was watching Netflix’s ‘Two Popes’ starring Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Pryce.

Taking to the  Twitter, Sami wrote, “I was just speaking to my dear friend #ArnabGoswami & couldn’t help asking him how he remained so calm while he was being verbally assaulted by a joker. He said that since he’s a huge fan of Anthony Hopkins, he was watching “Two Popes” on @NetflixIndia!! How ‘

Earlier, Kamra had posted a video of himself confronting Goswami aboard the plane. In the video, the Republic Editor was seen with earphones plugged in, as Kamra addressed him. Throughout the video, he did not react or even looked towards the camera.

“Here I’m asking coward Arnab Goswami a question about his journalism and he’s doing exactly what I expected him to do,” the stand-up comedian said at the beginning of the video.

Kamra said, “He’s being a coward. First he called me mentally unstable, and now he’s saying ‘I’m watching something’. He’s not ready to answer my questions, viewers.”

“Arnab, are you a coward or are you a journalist…or a nationalist? Who are you Arnab?” he asked the unresponsive Goswami.

“You will have no answers. As I expected. Your cowardice has gotten the better of you,” he said amid Goswami’s continued silence.

“I wanted to have a conversation with you politely. But you do not deserve my politeness. And this is not for you. This is for Rohith Vemula’s mother whose caste you were discussing on your show,” he added.

Following the incident, Kamra was banned from flying from four different airlines. Air India, SpiceJet, and GoAir declared a ban on Kamra until further orders, while IndiGo has barred him from flying for six months.

Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri had taken note of the incident and “advised” other airlines in India to impose similar restrictions on Kamra, stating “offensive behaviour designed to provoke & create disturbance inside an aircraft is absolutely unacceptable & endangers the safety of air travellers”.

However, after being grounded by four domestic Indian flights Kunal Kamra finally took off, thanks to Vistara.

Adnan Sami reveals why Arnab Goswami 

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