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Top memes on UGC Guidelines declaring Exams for Final Year Students



Warframe Eximus Farming Warframe is an action role-playing game composed by Keith Power and George Spanos, and published by Digital Extremes. This third-person shooter multiplayer online game was first released for Windows in March 2013, and now can be played even on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. In this game, players control the members of a race of ancient warriors named Tenno, who have woken up from centuries of suspended animation far into Earth's future and found themselves at war with different factions in the planetary system. In Warframe, you need to perform specific tasks in order to open up the Rails that help you to travel to new places. For example, while moving between planets, to get to Venus, you need to kill three Eximus enemies. About Eximus Eximus are a special variety of 'elite' enemies that were introduced in the Update 12.0 of the game. These Eximus are of various types and each of them possesses unique qualities and abilities. Some of these abilities are sometimes similar to the ones possessed by the members of Tenno. They appear at a higher level than the mission difficulty, hence throwing a tough challenge for a new Tenno to fight. You can identify an Eximus by it's special aura and huge size; and sometimes also by it's uniquely textured skin. The Osprey, Lancer and almost any other base unit type can spawn as an Eximus. The Eximus enemies can attack with strong explosive blasts, fire, Frost and many more other things. Some of them have the ability to drain out your energy, hence prohibiting you from casting your abilities. Many of them can heal the enemies around them. The Eximus units provide 450 to 500 additional base affinity gain of their regular peers, after death. There are various types of Eximus, with a wide range of qualities and abilities that they use to strike down their enemies. We, here, will make you familiar with some of them: ● Blitz: Blitz Eximus units can cast Seismic Shockwave. These shockwaves are capable of bringing down all nearby opponents. Their health, shield, and armor types give them a natural resistance of 50% to all damage types. The Blitz Eximus units are found exclusively in the Corpus, and appear mainly on all models of MOAs. ● Energy Leech or Parasitic: If you are within a diameter 15 meters of an Energy Leech or Parasitic Eximus unit, it can drain all your energy pretty fast. These Eximus units have 300% of their base health and shield and also an inborn resistance of 50% to all damage types. These are close combat units like the Corpus Prod Crewmen and Grineer Butchers. ● Arson or Caustic: The Arson or Caustic Eximus units cause fire damage and are also capable of nullifying fire damage from opponents. They can release a Fire Blast, which is capable of bringing down and damaging enemies affected by the blast. These too have an intrinsic resistance of 50% to all damage types. ● Guardian: The Guardian Eximus units are durable and can gain a significant boost to their own shields. They are also capable of restoring these shields by themselves. They release a radial shield charge in blue-grid restorative pulse. This type of Eximus have an inherent resistance of 50% to all damage types. The Guardian Eximus units are exclusively found in the Corpus. The MOAs, Orokin Drones, and Ospreys are generally units of this type. ● Arctic: The Arctic Eximus units can nullify all Cold damage. Their aura extends to integrated elemental damage types. They are capable of generating a Snow Globe as a guard to protect themselves and their allies, temporarily. This type of Eximus units also have a natural resistance of 50% to all damage types. Arctic Eximus units are considered to be more dangerous than most other types of units. It is better to watch out for the Eximus units and take them out quickly early in the game, before they can turn the tables. Where to Farm Eximus Enemies in Warframe Completing the Defense of Excavation missions and Endless missions are the best ways to farm Eximus in Warframe. In these comparatively easy missions you will have to defend the marked object and build a squad that will that will help you to get past the enemy wave. You will also need to focus on obtaining good kill credit before finishing the job. You can easily recognize the Eximus units by the red glow that highlights their model. Through Sanctuary Onslaught, Arbitration Alerts and Sorties you will be able to farm Eximus, as these methods spawn a lot of Eximus units. These should help you find and kill Eximus units and progress swiftly through the game.

Recently on 6 July, UGC has issued new guidelines declaring that exams for final year students would be conducted in the month of September after that various memes on UGC Guidelines have been trending over social media as recently. No notice has been passed regarding the examination of intermediate semester. According to the latest guidelines, exams may be conducted by any of the online and offline modes as there is no clarification regarding the mode of examination. As the status of COVID-19 is threatening, students are showing their disapproval over this decision made by UGC. UGC is receiving constant backlash from the students and hashtags like #studentslivesmatter #Cancel_Exam2020 #cancelfinalyearexam are trending on social media.

India became the third most badly hit country by Coronavirus. Students are trying to show that they are the future of nations and such mass gatherings may lead to an increased number of cases. These hashtags have taken a form of social media movement named Students Lives Matter and a lot of people are supporting it. Let us have a look at some of the top funny memes on recent UGC guidelines.

From the students appearing for jobs via placement in August

memes on UGC Guidelines (meme1)

The reaction of students over trending hashtags

exams for final year(meme 2)

Corona Virus waiting eagerly for students

Exams for final year (meme3)

Government taking students to the examination hall

Exams for final year(meme 4)

Meme over no one caring about student life

Exams for final year(meme5)

The reaction of trust of students

Exams for final year(meme6)

Arrangements for exams in COVID-19 era

Exams for final year(meme7)

The new ideals of society

Exams for final year(meme8)

Meme over constantly changing Guidelines

Exams for final year(meme9)

Condition of students of all levels and reaction of government

Exams for final year(meme10)

Should exams be cancelled?

Looking at the present status of COVID-19 in India, it is a sure fact that conducting offline exam will pose a serious threat to lives of students, teachers and everyone whom they will come in contact with. Also, long-distance students will also face problems. Hostels of many Universities have already been converted to quarantine centres, so the accommodation of students is a major issue. Hence, offline exams are neither safe nor practically possible. However, online tests can be conducted by various Universities to assess students on the basis of those tests. But again, there are a lot of students who complain about the unavailability of internet and different other problems. All we can do is hope for the safest way out of this situation. Further guidelines of UGC are still awaited.

I have had 3 years of experience in the field of media, as a video production assistant, photographer and as a writer. I am a political science graduate from the University of Mumbai.

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Top Memes On Tewatia’s Blistering Performance



Top Memes On Tewatia's Blistering Performance

Indian Premier League is one of the most-awaited and thrilling events that the citizens of India wait for throughout the year. Like most of the previous IPL seasons, this year also brought jitters, cringe moments, moments of fun and cheer but most importantly a Plethora of memes. Memes are the new trend that is raging the internet, be it for positive notions or negative. The incident with Rahul Tewatia slings clearly to the positive and the brighter side.

In the match between Rajasthan Royals and Kings XI Punjab, the latter team reached a mind-numbing scored which exceeded beyond 200 runs. The credit for this goes to none other than Mayank Agarwal who scored a quick century. When it was time for Tewatia’s batting, people became thought Rajasthan Royals will lose the match because the batsman kept missing the balls and had just 8 runs in 19 balls. But to the utter surprise of everyone, when Sheldon Cottrell came to bowl, Tewatia’s luck got the best of the situation. Tewatia hit five sixes in 6 balls. If this is not turning the game around, then I don’t know what it is.

Right after that the world of social media flooded its platform with positive memes.

Here Are Some Memes That Will Definitely Crack You Up

A Bit of Fun- This picture is taken from the famous comedy show “Comedy Nights with Kapil”. The picture itself is quite self- explanatory

Top Memes On Tewatia's Blistering Performance


“Hera Pheri” Fans round up

Top Memes On Tewatia's Blistering Performance

Hulk all the way – Tewatia is clearly being compared to the “smash” version of Hulk.

Top Memes On Tewatia's Blistering Performance

Leonardo Dicaprio to the rescue

Top Memes On Tewatia's Blistering Performance

The memes that were created after the win of Rajasthan Royals surely kept the spirits of the game active. The fun banter between both the teams was a pleasure to watch as well. We hope to see more such incidents.

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IPL Fake Crowd Memes Are Still Trending



IPL Fake Crowd Memes

Seeing the current situation, it was evident from the very onset that there were going to be major changes in this year’s Indian Premier League (IPL), one of the most anticipated events in the sports work. But what the audience did not expect is the fake additional cheers. The current IPL is being held at empty stadiums in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah and the management is doing their best to keep it virus free.

They aim of the added IPL Fake Crowd cheers and shouts of joy were meant to make the matches livelier, much like how it is done for sitcoms where we see fake laughter in the background. Many people compared the match to the popular sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S which is known for its background laugh. But what seems to work for the show did not work for IPL. People took it to social media platforms like twitter, Instagram and Facebook to criticize the move and made memes out of it.

Some of the most famous memes

Which Peshwa are you?

IPL Fake Crowd Memes

The old meme which is eternal

IPL Fake Crowd Memes

Hang in there audience

IPL Fake Crowd Memes

Nothing beats stand-up comedy

IPL Fake Crowd Memes

Overreaction is a way of life

IPL Fake Crowd Memes

Bollywood is here to up the meme game

IPL Fake Crowd Memes

The contexts of the memes are extremely self-explanatory. All of the above memes compares the fake artificial cheers to some bizarre or exaggerated situations to extract humor. Many audiences took to Twitter to complain about the same. One person wrote, “Do you need further proof that this is more about entertainment and less about cricket when there is a need to add the fake sound of audience cheering when the game is being played in front of empty stands!”

But all these issues where overshadowed by CSK’s win.

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Beyonce Sharma Jayegi: Looks Like Bollywood Can’t Get Over Its Old Habit Of Racism




Looks like several dislikes on the youtube video is the new generation’s way of protest. Recently, Sadak 2 hit the milestone of being the most disliked videos. The newly released song “ Beyonce Sharma Jayegi “ from the Bollywood movie Khaali peeli could be the next winner. Filmmaker of the movies recently launched the song starring Ananya Pandey and Ishaan Khattar. The song is getting special attention specifically one of the lyrics, “Tujhe dekh ke goriya, Beyonce bhi Sharma jayegi”, which translates to “with one look at you, oh fair lady. Even Beyonce will be embarrassed”.

Khali Peeli | First Look | Ishaan Khattar | Ananya Pandey | New Hindi Movie | Bollywood News |Gabruu - YouTube

Indians apologized to Beyoncé

After facing backlash for racism, '

This song has taken a Strom over internet by netizens giving all sorts of disagreements for the song. Trending on the internet is “we are sorry Beyonce”, people have said that what kind of embarrassment this song talks about? The second-hand embarrassment of Beyonce or the embarrassment of Indians that lead them to apologize to Beyonce.

Beyoncé Sharma Jayegi. For Real.

Keeping aside the humour, the song has also raised questions over the racism in Bollywood which is clearly reflected in Bollywood movies and songs which was forever prevalent and continues to date. The idea of Bollywood selling the word”gori or goriya” is the clear remark of widespread racism and portrayal of fair as beautiful and being dark as “ugly”   has long continued in Bollywood.The famous song from old times “hum kale hain to kya Hua, Dil wale hain” meaning, “it doesn’t matter if I am black, since I have a big heart” shows the prevalence of racism rooted way back and looks like the trend away from being over.

Netizens slammed Bollywood over racism

Beyonce Sharma Jayegi Song: People Slam Ananya Panday's 'Beyonce Sharma Jayegi', Here's Why

Netizens have described the song as extremely regressive and racist as it uses the colour to degrade a woman. The people are very upset with Bollywood for promoting the comparison based on colour. “How can they write lyrics like that using the fair as an adjective while comparing a black woman? Are we still having this discussion in 2020”? Some even jokingly said that Beyonce has a record of never losing any lawsuit and warned Zee Music Company, in case Beyonce decides to sue them.

Some even slammed Bollywood saying that supporting the movement of “black lives matter” and then releasing a song like this. People said that it is a serious issue and reflects the problem in India where “fair” is described as feminine beauty and a standard of beauty. People described Bollywood as one of the major reasons and promoters of this kind of behaviour.

In regard, to all these debates going on, Khali Pelli director Maqbool Khan said that the song is not racist. He said that he apologizes if anyone felt offended”. He said that the song doesn’t discriminate on skin colour. He said Goriya is a casual word often and traditionally used to address an Indian girl in movies and songs. Which is actually the problem people are talking about.

People are however not satisfied as the problem they highlighted has been stated as something normal by the makers of the film.

Bollywood, which has a very prominent impact on Indian people and many others around the world. Being such a big industry, Bollywood needs to be more careful and not normalize such issues. Racism is a big problem and offensive songs like these are alarming.



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PUBG Ban Becomes A Global Top Trend On Twitter



PUBG ban

PUBG ban has become a global top trend on Twitter after the Government banned it along with 118 Chinese apps. PUBG has been banned due to ongoing border tension between India and China in the Ladakh region. Though the Government has banned more than 100 apps, yet the ban of PUBG is in vogue. Netizens have started trending PUBG on Twitter and it has become a global trend. There were overall 33 million players of PUBG in India and it will also affect the market of PUBG.

Ban of apps

Government has banned PUBG along with 118 Chinese apps due to ongoing tensions in the Ladakh region. This is not the first time that the Government has banned Chinese apps. Even before this, Government had banned many Chinese apps in June which included widely used apps like Tiktok, WeChat, CamScanner and many more. Tiktok ban was also a trend on social media platforms for a long time but the ban of PUBG has created a global trend on Twitter.

PUBG as a global trend

Netizens have been trending PUBG ban on Twitter. A lot of memes have also been created about the ban and here are a few posts about the ban of PUBG in India.

In support

PUBG ban

Players of PUBG rushing towards other games

PUBG ban (pubg players rushing towards other games

Tiktokers be like

PUBG ban (tiktokers teasing pubg players

The reaction of Indian Parents

PUBG ban (reaction of indian parents

Man ki Badhas

PUBG ban (man ki badhas


Indian Parents and Modiji

PUBG ban (indian parents and modiji

Tiktokers teasing PUBG players

PUBG ban (tiktokers be like


Final Words

PUBG is globally very famous app but it had 33 million players in India. It is very bad news for PUBG as they have lost the high position they were enjoying in the gaming market of India. The players of PUBG are also disappointed but memers have left this chance to make iconic PUBG ban memes.

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Hera Pheri Series Our Favorite Meme Template



Hera Pheri Series was one of the most hilarious movies. BothHera Pheri and Phir Hera Pheri, its broke several box-office record. Phir Hera Pheri was released almost in 2006 but even today, you can not skip watching it. The movie which made our childhood memorable and is still making our adulthood better by serving as meme template. Almost every other scene in the movie has been converted to a meme template. Every day, most of the memes on your social media are related to Bera Pheri Templates and the best part is that memers generally cease to make memes on a particular template after it goes out of trend, but Phir Hera Phir never goes out of trend.

Phir Hera Pheri was released in the year 2006 as a sequel to Heri Pheri. The movie has been directed by Neeraj Vora. The movie is known for its comic characters and their hilarious acting. The plot of the movies revolves in such a way that every other scene in the movie is iconic. It is an injustice to not mention Babu Bhaiya separately. Babu Bhaiya has been the soul of the movie. The movie is equally funny when you watch it for the first time and hundredth time. The only complaint of the fans is regarding the third part of the movie. It has been announced but not yet released.

Hera Pheri Series as Meme Template

Phir Hera Pheri is one of the oldest meme trends when memers began to use movie scenes and dialogues to create memes. Almost every other scene of the movie can become a successful meme. Usually, a meme template goes viral and then goes out of use after some time. But Phir Hera Pheri meme templates are immortal. They are continuing as successful meme templates even today. Let us have a look at some of the top and hilarious meme templates of Phir Hera Pheri.

Paisa hi paisa hoga

 hera pheri as meme template (paisa hi paisa hoga

Main abhi dastakht kar deta hoon

 hera pheri as meme template (main dastakht krne ko tyaar hu

Inke haath mein sone ka katora dedo phir bhi ye bheek maangenge

 hera pheri as meme template (inke hath main sone ka katorai

Jor jor se bolke sabko scheme bta de

 hera pheri series as meme template (jor jor se bolke

Abe merko bhi andar lo

 hera pheri series as meme template (abey merko to andar lo

50 rupeyaa kaat overacting ka

hera pheri series as meme template (50 rupeya kaat

Beta ek zamana tha jb ham bhi garib hua karte the

 hera pheri series as meme template (beta ek zamana tha

Bilkul risks ni lene ka

hera pheri series as meme template (billul risks ni lene ka

To sabko dikhana padega na

hera pheri as meme template (to sbko dikhana padega


These were a few famous meme templates of Phir Hera Pheri but in reality, there are meme templates of almost every scene of the movie. The movie is immortal and we hope these memes will keep making us smile forever.

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