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Pune’s HouseMaid’s Visiting Card Goes Viral




Pune’s HouseMaid’s Visiting Card Goes Viral

A housemaid in Pune with an uber-cool visiting card! Isn’t that amazing? Well, anything can happen only in India! Housemaid, Geeta Kale who was searching for a job around Bavdhan area in Pune became famous overnight after her visiting card went viral on social networking site Facebook. Job offers are raining now for Geeta Kale who was dejected after losing work at a house a few days ago. “Ghar Kaam Maushi in Bavdhan. Her visiting card says that Aadhaar card verified,” Geeta Kale who works as domestic help in various houses.

A Pune housemaid has become famous all over the internet after her visiting card which had all the details about her work went viral. So this tale originated with the kind and creative gesture by her employer.

Geeta Kale, who used to work as a domestic helper around Bavdhan area in Pune, was extremely disappointed after losing her job that led to an income downfall of almost Rs 4,000. Seeing her grief and pathetic situation, one of her other employers, Dhanashree Shinde, showed her sympathy decided to help her ‘Maushi’ out.It all began with the efforts of Dhanashree Shinde, one of the employers of Geeta Kale, when she saw her housemaid upset while she returned from work.

Kale confirmed that she had lost her job at a house. It was a very immense benefit for Kale as she would lose Rs 4000 a month due to this. In an effort to help Kale, Shinde designed and printed 100 smart business card for her. Shinde also suggested Kale to hand them out around the neighbourhood.

Shinde used all her designing skills to create a smart business card for Kale. After that, she designed and printed 100 business cards, all within a single day. She also lends support to her by distributing the cards in the neighbourhood, with the help of the society watchman.

The visiting card carried all the information about Kale’s work and salary per chore. A picture of her visiting card soon went viral on social media and since then Kale’s phone has not stopped ringing once, according to Shinde’s Facebook post which was done by Asmita Javdekar who is the founder and Creative Nurturer at Aatman. Kale has been receiving many job offers from not just Pune but across the country.

Geeta Kale, a domestic helper, lost a paying job was left feeling sad. In order to help her out, her current employer (Dhanashree Shinde) came up with a brilliant plan and little did she know that she would become the talk of the town, nay, country! Shinde helped Geeta by printing around 100 visiting cards with her name, monthly charges and her work timings too! She does everything from roti making to jhadu-poocha, dusting and bhandi starting Rs 800 a month! Isn’t this a classic example of how to teach a man how to fish for example?

After the post went viral, Geeta’s phone hasn’t stopped ringing and she is receiving offers not just from Pune, but all over India! Fed up of the calls, Geeta has asked Shinde to manage all the curious queries! Kudos to them! * brb, need to call my domestic help because she’s late and I might have to give Geeta Kale a ring*
A Pune housemaid has become an internet sensation after her visiting card seeking work went viral. It all started with a kind and creative gesture by her employer.

This small step resulted in a response that neither of them saw coming. A picture of the visiting card soon went viral on social media and Kale’s phone hasn’t stopped buzzing since then.
From sweeping and mopping to roti-making, the card lists the various services Kale provides, along with the monthly charge of each.
Soon, job offers poured in from all over the country. Overwhelmed by the constant inquiries, Kale had to hand over her phone to Shinde, to manage all the enquiries. Shinde, who sifted through the messages, was surprised – from Red FM to news channels, everyone wanted to reach Kale.
The story of the duo first came to light when Asmita Javdekar, Founder and Creative Nurturer at Aatman shared the story on Facebook. “This apparently small step taken towards extending help catapulted into an unimaginable reaction,” reads her post.
Geeta Kale, who was a domestic help in Pune, has been flooded with job offers from all corners of India. The reason behind this is the simple business card that one of her employers, Dhanashree Shinde, designed for her.

This incredible story of Geeta Kale and Dhanashree Shinde was shared on Facebook by Asmita Javdekar two days ago, where it has gone viral. Dhanashree, who is a Senior Manager in Branding and Marketing at Vilas Javdekar Developers, decided to put her professional experience to good use and designed a business card for Geeta Maushi. “Within just few hours, a smart business card was designed and 100 cards printed!” wrote Asmita in her account.

She also shared her picture of the business card, which reads “Geeta Kale, Ghar Kaam Maushi in Bavdhan (Geeta Kale, household help in Bavdhan).” The cheerful blue and green business card lists out the amount that Geeta Maushi would charge for various household chores. For example, Laundry would cost her employers Rs 800 per month.
Isn’t it a very inspirational tale of humble beginnings to the way of million-dollar dreams?

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Delhi To Get 11,000 Free WiFi Hot Spots In 6 Months, 100 To Be Set Up On December 16



Free wifi hot spots

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has announced recently that the people of the capital will be browsing the internet through free WiFi across the state in 6 months. 

According to NDTV, the Delhi government plans to inaugurate 100 promised 11,000 WiFi hot spots on December 16, Delhi Chief Minister said.

It has also been said that 7,000 of these 11,000 free wifi hot spots will be set in different markers and 4,000 at bus stops all across the region. 

According to the Kejriwal, this WiFi project will cost the AAP government Rs 100 crore. 

But, this has also been one of the AAP government’s flagship projects. However, they have also made promises and missed deadlines multiple times

in the past.

.free wifi hot spots


Earlier, Kejriwal had also said that every user will be given 15 GB free data per month as part of the first phase of the Delhi government’s WiFi programme. 

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has said that Delhi will get free public Wi-Fi in the upcoming days. He also said that somewhere around 11,000 Wi-Fi hot spots would be set up across bus stops and markets. Around 4,000 hotspots would be set up at bus stops and 7,000 hotspots would be put up at markets.

He also declared that the first 100 free wifi hot spots would be inaugurated on December 16. CM Kejriwal also said that every week, 500 hotspots would be set up and the project would be completed within 6 months.

free wifi hot spots

CM Kejriwal estimated that the project would also cost Rs 100 crore.

The Chief Minister had announced this project in August last year. Kejriwal had, in his earlier announcement, said, “11,000 hotspots will be installed across Delhi. The vital work is to provide free Wi-Fi has started in away. Every user will be given the 15 GB data free, every month. This is the first phase.”

Before this, CM Kejriwal had made travel for women on buses free. He had said that Delhi Metro would also be free for women but that is yet to take place. The Aam Aadmi Party leader had also said that electricity would be free for Delhi residents for up to 200 units. He said residents would need to pay half the price for consumption between 201 and 400 units.

Separately, the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) raised questions recently over the Delhi government’s expenditure. The government had spent more than Rs 1,000 crore in a gap of 30 days. The CAG said that such spending was against the financial rules. The Delhi government has also been questioned for spending money in overstepping the rules in 26 items, including health, education, city development and social welfare.


Announcing that people in Delhi will soon be able to enjoy free WiFi access, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday announced that the state government plans to set up 11,000 wifi-hotspots in the national capital within the next six months and the first 100 hotspots will be inaugurated on December 16.

Speaking to the media people, the chief minister said, “Providing free wifi hot spots to the people of Delhi was an important part of our manifesto. So, 11,000 wifi-hotspots will be set up in which 4000 hotspots will be set up at bus stops and 7000 in markets which will be divided as per 100 hotspots per assembly.

The first 100 hotspots will be inaugurated on December 16.” “It will cost around Rs 100 crores. Subsequently, in every week 500 wifi-hotspots will be added, and within 6 months these 11,000 hotspots will be set up. This step will help students and people in other sectors,” he added.

In August month, the Chief Minister had announced that 2.80 lakh CCTV cameras will be installed across the national capital, along with 11,000 free WiFi hotspots.

“One of our major electoral promises was of giving free WiFi hot spots. Cabinet has approved a decision that 11,000 hotspots will be installed in whole Delhi in which 4000 spots will be at bus stops and the other 7000 hotspots will be divided as per 100 hotspots per assembly. Every user will be given 15 GB of free data per month. This will be the first phase,” Kejriwal said.

The chief minister had also said that within three to four months the work for both the CCTVs and WiFi hotspots will begin after the process of tender and work allocation is done. Free Wi-Fi was a key poll promise of the AAP during the last assembly elections. The state of the 11,000 hotspots, 4,000 will be set up at bus stops and 7,000 others will be located in markets, residential welfare associations and other places in the city, he added.

There will be 100 hotspots in every Assembly segment. The project is expected to cost around ₹100 crores.

After the inauguration of the first batch of 100 hotspots on December 16, 500 free wifi hot spots will be set up every week and in the next six months, all 11,000 hotspots will be in place, he said. is set to go to polls soon.

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Air India needs to shut down if not privatized: Aviation Minister to Parliament



air india pilot

In all countries, Air India pilots are very well looked after and their salaries in relation to what other air carriers are offering are really very good. As far, as resignations are concerned, Puri said that he hasn’t heard of any single case where anybody has resigned.

air india

Minister of Civil Aviation Hardeep Singh Puri told the Parliament ton Wednesday that Air India, which has a debt burden of over Rs 58,000 crore, would have to cease its operations if the state-run airline was not privatised.

Replying to a supplementary question in the Rajya Sabha, Puri also said that the government would also secure a fair deal for all the Air India employees. The Union minister also said that “Your airlines would have to be closed down, unless not privatised”.

Hardeep Singh Puri also rejected all reports suggesting that several pilots of Air India were leaving the airline as their salaries were not being paid on time at all.

In the month of  September, a Group of Ministers (GoM), chaired by Home Minister Amit Shah and attended by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, Commerce and Railways Minister Piyush Goyal and Puri, held a meeting to discuss the modalities for the sale of Air India.

“Officials are still deliberating over some details. Once they are finalised, the government will invite the bids,” Puri said. Last year, Air India failed to attract any bidders when it tried to sell a 76 per cent stake in the airline.

 In 2018-19 alone, Air India also incurred losses of around Rs 7,600 crore.

The minister said the government was now re-evaluating some of the terms and was open to selling the airline in its entirety, Reuters reported. “It is also significantly reducing its debt to make it more attractive,” Puri said.

Air India has about 9,400 permanent staff and 4,200 contract workers. Puri also assured that there would be no job loss in Air India till privatisation.

“Issues which are being related to current employees, their health cover, how many would remain and what would happen, we are committed to secure a favourable deal for all employees. I would go to that extent,” he said.

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Black Friday 2019: How to avail best deals on electronics sitting in India



black friday

What is Black Friday?

For almost all  Indians, Black Friday has an entirely different meaning. But in the US, it is the day after Thanksgiving Day. It marks the beginning of the happiest Christmas shopping season. In this time, Most retailers, both online and offline, start offering deals and offers in the days leading up to Black Friday.

Although some of the best deals come and run out rather quickly, some still spill over the weekend. Do you know that last year, shoppers in the US spent a total of $6.22 billion in online Black Friday sales alone?

When is Black Friday 2019?

This year, the Black Friday shopping event will be on November 29.

So Can You grab Black Friday deals while sitting in India?

Yes, some of the biggest online retailers who offer Black Friday deals do also ship internationally. However, in the case when someone is not aware, you can always use a third-party shipping service to get your package delivered in India. These services charge you for the shipping and you’ll have to pay whatever custom duties are charged at the port of entry in India.

You can also ask your friends or a relative to bring along your online purchases when they visit India, provided everything is under the usual customs limit.

Where to actually look for Black Friday deals while shopping from India?

As we mentioned earlier that some large online retail stores will directly ship products to India. But this doesn’t include the entire inventory. Amazon US ships a big chunk of the electronics internationally, including India. eBay is another option but you’ll have to be slightly more careful while picking up the listings.

Newegg is another option in place but they only ship a limited set of products to India and the pricing isn’t always on the sweeter side. It is also worth mentioning here again that no matter what sites you pick up, you’ll have to consider international shipping and local import duties as well. Newegg is also popularly known for selling electronics and computer peripherals in the US but the site also ships products to India. To shop for electronic items on this Black Friday sale, you should visit the dedicated India page on the Newegg and check out the deals and offers on the devices in INR. You can buy the products which are eligible for shipping to India.

Now the question is How to find the best deals during Black Friday 2019 sale?

If you’re looking to buy during the week’s Black Friday sales, you should start planning right away. You can start by making a list of products you’re interested in and keep a tab on the local prices. Then may visit the online stores that ship to India and add those products on your online wish list. This makes it easier to track the products and their prices once the sales go live.

On the day of the sale, just compare the offered prices with local prices. If the gap is too much— be sure to factor in the international shipping and import duties — you can then decide if a deal is worth buying from India or not.

Black Friday sales are a great option for buying electronics that are either not available locally or are overpriced here. Just make sure you don’t buy heavy products because the shipping will break your entire budget. As always, we’ll be covering the sale and will be bringing you the best Black Friday deals once they go live this weekend.

Amazon: Amazon India’s global store allows all the Indian customers to shop for international items and get them delivered to India without any hassle. The shopping experience is the same shopping regular items at The only difference is the addition of custom charges on the products.

Notably, not all the items are eligible for international shipping so it is highly recommended to check Amazon India’s global store for deals and discounts before you make your wishlist for the Black Friday sale.


Black Friday 2019: Package forwarding service

The package forwarding services allow their users to create a virtual address in the US for shopping online. The items you buy will get delivered to the warehouse of the service you register with and the virtual address lets the service provider forward that package to your real address in India.

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The Introduction of Delhi’s first oxygen bar to fight pollution




In between all the measures to fight against the severe air pollution levels in Delhi-NCR, there’s one more option for you that ie a bar that has “pure air” attached with it. This product is founded by Aryavir Kumar and Margarita Kuritsyana which is the Delhi’s first-ever oxygen bar also named as ‘Oxy Pure’ which offers 15 minutes of 80-90 per cent pure oxygen starting from Rs 299.

This concept might be new in India but many countries also have oxygen bars for recreational purposes and aromatherapy. This session also hopes to displace harmful free radicals and neutralizes anaerobic infectious bacteria as well as environmental toxins.

Do you know that in Delhi the air quality and pollution has already reached severe+ category? The rising global temperatures in the city is due to climate change which can reverse two decades worth of health benefits. The city is filled with pollution hues for over a fortnight now. In the aftermath of the drop in temperature and burning in areas of Punjab and Haryana, the AQI in Delhi has worsened. Do you know that  Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal called the city a gas chamber?


 This is a  very unique concept which has emerged in the city battling with Air Pollution crisis, Oxy Pure is a type of bar that was opened in May this year by Aryavir Kumar in Delhi’s Saket. It offers visitors pure oxygen for almost fifteen minutes. You can choose to order your oxygen in 7 different aromas and fragrance. Spearmint, peppermint, cinnamon, orange, lemongrass, eucalyptus and lavender flavours are also available.

This bar was launched in May, also offers its customers several aromas to choose from that can be infused with oxygen that is odourless. The aromas include lemongrass, lavender, cherry, eucalyptus and many more flavours.

Customers are given a nasal, lightweight tube, used for supplementary oxygen intake. 

This device is placed near the customer’s nostrils through which they were advised to breathe in the aroma-infused oxygen.

According to the aroma that you choose, each session also promises to improve one’s sinus, sleep patterns and digestion, cure headaches and migraines, and even claims to work as a remedy for depression.

“Some people, who tried it for the first time, will feel relaxed and fresh. But only those people who undergo the sessions regularly will get real benefits of the aroma.

Irengbam points out that they don’t encourage the back-to-back session and advises his customers to stick with the 10 to 15-minute sessions a day.

“Though we have regular customers, doctors don’t encourage back-to-back sessions, as increased levels of oxygen in the body can make a person dizzy. It is advisable to do it once or twice a month,” doctors said.

Dr Rajesh Chawla, who is also a senior consultant in respiratory medicine at the Indraprastha Apollo Hospital Delhi, said that though these sessions do not have any side-effects, it will not have any long-term benefits either. “Even if you breathe the so-called pure oxygen for two hours in a day, you will go back to breathing the polluted air for the rest of the 22 hours. This is purely a capitalistic move.

Recalling the initial days of the bar, Irengbam admitted that the people were sceptical and only a few people came forward to try it.“Many people criticised, saying that we were selling air, others were scared to breathe through the cannula”.

Irengbam said this bar saw a significant rise in the number of customers two to three days after Diwali, as the pollution levels were high adding that people are warming up to the idea of an oxygen bar. ”They have realised the need for it,” he said. The bar also provides portable oxygen cans, which is easy to carry around and works like an inhaler.


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Gotabaya Rajapaksa Has Won Sri Lanka’s Elections



Gotabaya Rajapaksa

Gotabaya Rajapaksa, a former defence secretary and intelligence officer who was accused of committing human rights violations, has won Sri Lanka’s closely fought presidential elections.

His main opponent who was Sajith Premadasa of the ruling United National Party (UNP), conceded defeat on Sunday, saying he will “honour the decision of the people.”

Rajapaksa who is  70 yrs old led the Sri Lankan Armed Forces during the time of the end of the country’s decades-long civil war, while his older brother, Mahinda Rajapaksa, was president. The Sri Lankan Armed Forces defeated the Tamil Tigers, and ended the violent conflict in 2009 — and were also accused of rape, torture and the abduction of thousands of people. 

Gotabaya Rajapaksa win signals the return to power for the controversial family which got hailed by many for ending the civil war but also was remembered for brutal acts against minorities and dissidents.

The former defence secretary earlier won with more than 52% of the nearly 16 million possible votes, according to final results released on Sunday by Sri Lanka’s election commission. He defeated Premadasa by about 10 percentage points.

Gotabaya Rajapaksa

“As we move into this new journey for Sri Lanka, we must remember that all Sri Lankans are a part of this journey,” Gotabaya Rajapaksa wrote on Twitter that “Let us enjoy peacefully, with dignity and discipline in the same manner in which we campaigned.”As we usher in a new journey for Sri Lanka, we must remember that all Sri Lankans are a part of this journey. 

Rajapaksa did campaign heavily on the platform of national security, especially being focused on the threat of Islamist terrorism after suicide bombers killed more than 250 people and injured hundreds which are there in the country on Easter Sunday this year.

Gotabaya Rajapaksa

ISIS later also claimed responsibility for these attacks, which also threw the fragile sense of peace in the nation into a tailspin and caused an angry backlash against Muslims.

The president-elect also faces several human rights lawsuits, stemming from his time as defence secretary, which threatened his run for the presidency. When asked about the overall allegations against him last month by reporters in the capital, Colombo, Rajapaksa dismissed them with a laugh by saying that “You people always are talking about the past things. Ask [about] the future!” “I am just trying  the process to become the president of future Sri Lanka! We can move on.

But for many people in Sri Lanka’s ethnic minorities, moving on is not an option. Ahead of this weekend’s election, NPR’s Lauren Frayer also talked to several of Tamil mothers whose children are still missing after security forces led by Rajapaksa which also took  away before the end of the civil war more than a decade ago.

Tens of thousands of people disappeared too during the 26-year civil war, and more than 100,000 people died. No one has ever been held accountable for the extrajudicial killings, although many in the minority groups hold Rajapaksa responsible for it, and fear what Sri Lanka will become under his rule.

But, Frayer writes, the Buddhist majority in the country which tends to see Rajapaksa in a completely different light:

“When Sri Lankans think of a leader who eradicates his enemies, many think — for better or worse — about Gotabaya Rajapaksa. To many of the country’s Sinhala Buddhists, he’s a war hero who led government forces to attain victory in the civil war. The Rajapaksa campaign video also features some scenes of Buddhist temples — and lots of soldiers with guns.

“The memories are still fresh of whatever happened during the period when he was defence secretary. In that, there was a lot of impunity and disappearances,” says Jehan Perera, executive director of Sri Lanka’s nongovernmental National Peace Council, in Colombo. “But for many in the majority and  security — and also pride in one’s nation — trumps other matters.”

Early on Sunday,Gotabaya Rajapaksa closest opponent Sajith Premadasa issued a statement conceding his defeat, calling this weekend’s election is the “most peaceful” in Sri Lanka’s independent history.

“My appeal to the incoming president to take this process forward from now on and strengthen and protect the democratic institutions and values that enabled his peaceful election,” he wrote this too.


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