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Shahrukh Khan’s Son Got The Special Proposal



shahrukh khan

Shahrukh Khan’s admirers got struck by the lightning of their admirable superstar’s interactive zeal on Twitter of late, as King of Hearts took to the micro-blogging site to carry out another round of #AskSRK session.

The session would have been akin to being incomplete had someone not asked Shahrukh about his adorably-armoured son Abram Khan. A Twitter user @anuragsharma123 posted an adorable image of his baby niece and stated that one-year-old Vedika loves Abram and if she could marry him for that.


‘#AskSRK sir my niece Vedika loves Abram, can she marry him, she’s only 1 yrs old last month, would be glad of you could wish her and bless her….,’ he wrote. Responding to the sweet question, a kind-heart and great human being Shah Rukh couldn’t say much but just gave the blessing to the cute Vedika. ‘God bless her. She is very pretty,’ Shah Rukh wrote on Twitter.


The multi-talented actor has three kids including daughter Suhana Khan, and sons Aryan Khan and AbRam Khan. While Suhana and Aryan are completing their higher studies abroad, Abram is just in his single-digit aged years and stays with his parents. Abram is also his dad’s buddy of solitude, in and out of the ‘Mannat’, the residence of Khan.

Bollywood Badshah’s last project was Aanand L. Rai ‘s ‘Zero’ along with Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif. Since then, he has not signed any films. But his fans are keenly waiting for his new movie. But, earlier during the same session, the 54-year old star put a hint on his next project that may involve the ace movie maker Rajkumar Hirani in a noteworthy character of its creation.

When questioned on whether the ‘Chennai Express’ actor would like to join hands with either Martin Scorsese or Christopher Nolan, the actor denoted ‘Raju’ (Rajkumar Hirani) as ‘Apna sa’.

‘Wow both are awesome and I have met them…but Raju apna sa lagta hai…nahi?,’ the actor tweeted.

Shah Rukh Khan recently treated his fans by conducting a Q&A session on twitter where he answered several questions asked by his followers. And like many others he has conducted before, this too was incomplete without people asking him about his adorable son AbRam. A Twitter user shared a cute picture of his baby niece, claiming that she loves AbRam and if she can marry him. He wrote, ‘#AskSRK sir my niece Vedika loves Abram, can she marry him, she’s only 1 yrs old last month, would be glad of you could wish her and bless her…

Shahrukh’s mini me AbRam follows his father most of the time every time he steps out or even during his outdoor shooting schedules. He is also often seen accompanying his daddy cool to the balcony of his house when the superstar greets his fans during special occasions.


Now that his kids Aryan and Suhana have grown up, Shahrukh Khan has grown more close to his little man AbRam. He is often seen spending quality time with his son and also shares pictures and videos of him with his fans on social media and they just cannot have enough of the adorable munchkin.


Meanwhile, on the work front, Shahrukh Khan recently hinted at him working with filmmaker Rajkumar Hirani in his next project. However, an official confirmation is still awaited.

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Top Memes on Kanye West announcing standing in elections for US Presidency on Twitter



Recently, American singer Kanye West has tweeted that he would be standing for the post of President in US Election 2020. The singer has been a part of many controversies till day and after this tweet, twitter was flooded with many tweets and memes about his announcement. A lot of people supported him but most of the people trolled him for this. Let us have a look at the top funniest memes on twitter about Kanye West’s declaration of standing out in elections for US Presidency.

Random Tweeting meme

This meme features a picture of Kanye smiling and holding a phone. In the background, the town is burning which reflects the current scenario of a pandemic. But Kanye is still smiling because he is dreaming of becoming future President of the US.

kanye wast(the random tweeting meme(

Memes on Elon Musk

Elon Musk, the owner of SpaceX and Tesla was seen supporting his friend Kanye West in the election by tweeting. In a thread, he tweeted that Kanye has his full support. The memes on Elon Musk are also trending widely.

kanye west(meme on elon musk)

The Yeezy meme

Kanye West is the owner of Yeezy brand which is owned in partnership by Adidas and Kanye. Also, Yeezy Ye is another name of Kanye West. Even his twitter handle is ye.  A meme on the twitter got viral in which Kanye has been holding White House in his hands and the Screen shows “Yeezy in the House 2020”.

kanye west(yeezy in the house)

The Adidas Meme

As Kanye and Adidas have a partnership so he often comes out for the endorsement of their products. In this meme, a one storey building which looks like a shoebox of Adidas is showed and it reads that the White House would look like this once Kanye would become President. This meme is about brand craziness of Kanye.

kanye west(the adidas meme)

Memes about Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is the spouse of Kanye West and daughter of Kardashian Family. The memes on Kanye’s Presidency are not limited to him but memes are also getting viral on Kim’s being First Lady. A meme about the show “Keeping up with Kardashians” got viral on the twitter in which Kardashians are shown in the White House with Kanye sitting on the chair of President. Also, the tagline reads “The white House Edition”.

kanye west(keeping up with the Kardashians)

Another Meme about Kim has also shown up in which a filter has been added to the picture of the White House and is compared with the original picture. The captions say that this comparison is the picture of White House before and after the Kardashians gave it a makeover.

kanye west(white house makeover)

Memes on Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has been seen going political recently. After Kanye’s announcement, Taylor’s fans are also hoping for announcing that she would stand in the elections. In the following tweet, the fan has urged Joe Biden, the former Vice President of US to announce Taylor has his Vice President so that she can defeat both Trump and Kanye.

kanye west(joe bidan and taylor swift meme)


In this meme, a picture of Taylor Swift’s Song “You need to Calm Down” is shown playing in reply to Kanye’s announcement of standing in Presidential Election.

kanye west(you need to calm down meme)

The Simpson’s Meme

kanye west(the simpson meme)

The writers of The Simpsons are since forever famous for predicting the future whether it is the letter from Beatles or Donald Trump as President of the US. Simpson’s have predicted the future in their episodes a lot of time. In this meme, Curry has been shown searching over the web if Simpson’s have predicted anything about Kanye being President.

Final Word

Twitter is still flooded with thousands of memes about Kanye being President, Kim being First Lady and even about Taylor swift getting into politics. Memes in the lockdown are the best way to stay positive. But no one knows what will happen next. All we can do is wait for the US Elections 2020 and the result of the same.

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Entertaining Standup Comedy specials that will make your day



Standup Comedy in India has suddenly gained extreme momentum and popularity. With tons of upcoming artists influencing the youth with their jokes, the comedy culture has certainly developed and gained fame through either YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Specials. We have been a witness to some extremely hilarious standup sets in the past year. Thus, we bring to you a handpicked list of standup specials by your favourite artists in the town.

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Let’s take a quick read before you burst into laughter.

Kenny Sebastian: The Most Interesting Person In The Room

Released in 2020 on Netflix

Standup Comedy kenny- the most interesting person in the room

In his Netflix debut, Kenny Sebastian aims to be the most interesting person in the room, and hence his standup is based on the journey around it. This is an extremely fun take by the comedian who talks about how there will be someone who will always overpower you with his interesting self. Kenny in this standup special delivers his original charm and style.

He discusses a variety of cliché topics with a funny and interesting route. He talks about Indian’s paying attention to all the unwanted things, his childhood insecurities combined with his school life, Indian parents and children failing their expectations. Pulling it off in a Kenny style, this show also includes musical bits performed by him, where he subtly trashes lazy musicians and his verdict on Western and Indian classical music.

Kanan Gill: Yours sincerely

Released in 2020 on Netflix

kanan- yours sincerely


Kanan Gill’s second standup special, Yours Sincerely explains the theme it seemingly revolves around. He goes back to his teenage life through a letter he wrote to himself at the age of 15. Kanan explains the idea that this show is not just for time-pass. Well at some points, he does achieve this idea very creatively.

In a very humorous take, this comedian in his standup special discusses extremely crucial topics like insecurities, suicide, bullying, and depression. There are several jokes which land, and there are some who do miss the mark. But overall, this special will keep you entertained through Kanan’s letter-writing journey and his fun takes on the incidents of childhood and school teachings.

Ladies Up

Released in 2020 on Netflix

ladies up - netflix

This is a very uniquely curated show of four accomplished female comedians who walk into a bar and have raised the bar for comedy. Ladies Up involves four sets of 15 minutes each. The four specials it features are:

  1. Kaneez Surka: ‘It’s Kaneez, Let Her Do’
  2. Supriya Joshi: ‘Love Hurts’
  3. Prashasti Singh: ‘Recently Empowered’
  4. Niveditha Prakasam: ‘Don’t Mind Me’

From promising punchlines to jokes that land back-to-back, these ladies have done it all. Prashati brings out the inner attachment towards her hometown and other jokes centred around her mother’s Facebook behaviour and her miseries with Tinder. Supriya Joshi pulls off her original charm and delivers her experience of being a Malad citizen, dating mishaps, flavoured contraceptives, and her pursuit of getting a perfect revenge body. Niveditha charms the audience with her self-deprecating humour, with some very relatable and some non-relatable punchlines, and her take on Sundar Pichai. Lastly, the ultimate improv champion Kaneez reveals her humorous and bold take on being a divorcee and her life as growing up in South Africa.

Rohan Joshi: Wake N’ Bake

Released in 2020 on Amazon Prime Video

rohan joshi- wake and bake

With his first-ever standup special, Rohan Joshi delivers to you nicely written jokes on common topics along with a check on your privilege and being political. It starts with Rohan assessing his age and turning 36. For a duration of 57 minutes, this special is a commentary on the present situations in our country.

He creatively talks about the failed Indian education system and the comparison of ICSE, CBSE, and SSC boards. He also talks about the pressure of marriage, existing patriarchy, how he never wants to have kids. This special is a powerful and relatable take on our privileged lives both socially and politically, and also a relatable content on self-awareness. 

Sumukhi Suresh: Don’t Tell Amma

Released in 2019 on Amazon Prime Video

sumukhi- don't tell amma

Known for her roles in Pushpavalli and Go Straight Take Left, Sumukhi Suresh in her first standup special Don’t Tell Amma discusses several topics that will crack you up. She has a unique style and a delivery pattern, which suits her performance material. To begin with she talks about growing up poor in Nagpur with the credentials of a rich person, her encounters, and angst towards rich people and engineers.

She gives a very creative take on the truth about Nutella and Khichdi. Finally, she wittily reveals her experiences with her mother which any Indian daughter will relate to at some point.


The one thing special about these standup specials is that all the comedians have managed to convey their unique writing and delivery on a wide range of topics. All of these specials, that have been released in the past few months are a worthy binge-watch, especially when you are finding ways to kill time during the pandemic. We recommend to you all of them to have an uncontrollable laughter session with your family and friends.

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How witty advertisements have peaked a new level of creativity in this pandemic



witty advertisements

Advertising is a powerful tool by brands where they employ such fine creativity that it sometimes blows our minds. However, with this lockdown and pandemic restricting opportunities, brands have still found a way to keep their advertising game on point.

Several brands have come up with creative and witty advertisements that not only promote the product but convey the message of social distancing during this pandemic and other important attributes in a super interesting way. We bring to you some of these engaging ads that will either give you a good laugh or make you go oh wow.


McDonald’s a few months ago changed its logo and moved the arches of the M further away from each other, in the context of promoting social distancing.

witty advertisements brand 1- mcdonalds



Nike launched a social media campaign that encouraged and motivated people to play indoors and stay indoors. NBA player LeBron James and golfer Tiger Woods were among the global players who endorsed it.

brand 2- Nike




 This automobile company decided to promote the importance of social distancing by tweaking its logo to suit the purpose. The original logo which had interconnected rings were shared as four separate rings to visually convey the message of social distancing.

brand 3- Audi




This famous automobile company too decided to alter its logo to deliver the importance of social distancing and the crucial need to stay indoors. It achieved this idea by separating the V and the W on the logo and shared videos with inspirational messages.

brand 4- Volkswagen




Coca- Cola

This leading soft drink company ran an advertisement in New York. This brand that usually celebrates togetherness and clone knit love in its advertisement’s campaigns spread the message that “Staying apart is the best way to stay connected.” It even spaced out the letters in its name to support the cause.

brand 5- cocacola



During the lockdown 2.0 in India, the owner of Fevicol, Pidilite Industries used their Instagram to creatively portray the need for staying Indoors. It posted a picture of a door and played around with words. The caption said ‘Ab sabse mazboot door – INdoor’

brand 6- Fevicol



Durex India, which is a pioneer of creative advertising for their contraceptives, exhibited to people how staying inside is the real need of the hour.

brand 7- Durex




 This automobile company also employed a reverse idea and interestingly asked people to stay at home. It shared a message on its social media that advocated how staying at home is the best thing to do.

brand 8- Volvo

Tokyo Olympics 2020

Well, to our disappointment the 2020 Olympics had to be postponed due to the virus situation. But the International Olympic Committee did its bit and propagated the message of social distancing by changing the Olympic logo into five distant circles.

brand 9- Tokyo Olympics



Even though the pandemic has stopped working in the outdoors to a major extent, it could not stop the indoor creativity to flow in. Above mentioned are some brands who have effectively utilized this time to create witty slogans, campaigns and social media programs to stay connected with their audience, while the audience stays indoors too.

We hope you had a fun time reading these brand engagements and are motivated further to follow social distancing.



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Ridiculous statements in this pandemic that will actually crack you up



ridiculous statement

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in India has made us fight several battles. One is obviously with the virus, the others include our combat against fake news, forwards, and absurd theories put across by people. There have been waves of opinions, propaganda and belief systems circulating and advising people in their ways to fight the pandemic.

Amidst all of this, we have been a witness to some extremely ridiculous statements which ensure that you have a good laugh.

Let’s check some of them out.

Cow urine (gaumutra) and cow dung (gobar) can help you fight Corona

Since February, while the people were taking measures to fight the Coronavirus crisis, there was also a wave of propaganda in place to tell people that cow urine(gaumutra) and cow dung (gobar) can help you fight Corona. WhatsApp groups and timelines were flooded with such fake messages.

statement 1- Cow urine(gaumutra) and cow dung(gobar) can help you fight Corona


Reciting Hanuman Chalisa 11 times can treat COVID-19

This statement is credited to Mr Ramesh Saxena, a congress MP, and his blind faith. While it’s okay to have a belief in any hymn, without proper care and medications, neither Lord Hanuman nor his sanjeevani herb will help you fight Corona.

ridiculous statements 2-Reciting Hanuman Chalisa 11 times can treat COVID-19

Eating meat will give you Coronavirus

This was a trending statement in the country to attack the non-vegetarians and hold them responsible for bringing in the virus. As much as the virus may have fake links with the meat markets in Wuhan, this statement was yet another means of propaganda without any scientific evidence.

statement 3- Eating meat will give you Coronavirus


Amitabh Bachchan and his take on how clapping can kill the virus

The next day, after Janta Curfew, the Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan portrayed the typical WhatsApp uncle behaviour and shared a misinformed tweet on how clapping can do away with the virus and the wrong significance of Amavasya. The tweet was eventually taken down but it just showed how gullible we are to fake news.

statement 4- Amitabh Bachchan and his take on how clapping can kill the virus



 WhatsApp and its ‘scientific reasons’ on how lighting diyas will kill Corona

It is a known fact that today probably the only individuals who efficiently praise every government activity are the enthusiasts from WhatsApp. When the Prime minister asked people to light diyas and candles ‘for 9 minutes at 9 pm on a Sunday’, the WhatsApp community played their role and glorified the so-called scientific aspect of this act. This fake forward was circulated everywhere.

statement 5- WhatsApp and its scientific reasons on how lighting diyas will kill Corona


Bharat ne khoj nikala corona virus ka ilaaj! Tezi se thik huyi mareez

This was a fake headline attached to an article link shared by a Facebook page ‘Har Har PM.’ It claimed that India has found a cure for coronavirus! A patient recovers speedily.  This article was enthusiastically shared by some fellow pages and was very misleading. The best part was that the cover picture that was used belonged to an article from China.

statement 6- Bharat ne khoj nikala corona virus ka ilaaj Tezi se thik huyi mareez


There is transmission in the community. But if it is community transmission or not that can be declared by the Centre only, it is a technical term

This was a legendary statement by Delhi health minister Satyendra Jain who has had us wondering and confused about what possibly it could mean. While we are still figuring out the deep meaning he wants to convey, here is a meme that will capture the exact emotion we all felt.

statement 8- There is transmission in community..its is a technical term




To conclude

 These statements are solid proof that we are also waging a war against stupidity and our gullible nature towards fake news. This pandemic is a time for free minds who are all set to confuse and falsely influence people around them. Hence, we must act with responsibility when we receive any such wave of information.

 As amusing and funny these statements are to read, you mustn’t fall prey to any wave of fake news or propaganda. Always remember to check your facts through multiple sources before you believe or forward any news. It is a collective fight for all of us. Stay home, stay safe!


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Hilarious incidents in the heat of the boycott china movement



boycott china

With the tensions between India and China rising across the conflict of borders, the citizens are fumed with rage and are running a boycott China campaign. We have peaked to the creativity of expressing our angst towards the country and its products. While some were practical, we also have our own set of incidents that will either crack you up or make you wonder a thousand times!

Let’s take a quick read.

Nationalism through the breaking of Chinese manufactured electronics

One of the many incidents, men in Surat were found to be rejoicing and celebrating after smashing TV sets that were manufactured by Chinese companies. With their lathis, they chanted ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jay.’  Little, did they realise that they are never getting their money back.

boycott china statement 1 - Nationalism through the breaking of Chinese manufactured electronics.

There have been occasions of people breaking their phones in a fit of anger as a mark of boycotting Chinese products.

statement 1- Nationalism through the breaking of Chinese manufactured electronics.


Outrage on the Chinese president

There has been a wave of outrage towards the main leader of China, i.e. the Chinese president Xi Jinping. From burning his pictures in a public bonfire to comparing him as ‘Winnie the Pooh’ memes on social media, we Indians have done it all.


statement 2- Outrage on the Chinese president



Mistaken outrage

The outrage towards China took a mistaken turn when angry and confused BJP workers burned North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong’s effigy, confusing it to be the Chinese president.

statement 3- mistaken outrage


We have also instances where protestors in Kolkata are using the map of the United States in their contribution to the boycott china movement.

statement 3- mistaken outrage


Irony died a slow death

While news channels expressed their concerns through heated debates, most of these discussions were powered by Chinese companies. Indian media for the win!

statement 4- Irony died a slow death


Bid goodbye to Hakka noodles, fried rice and dumplings

 Yes, your taste buds read it right. This was an appeal made in the favor of the boycott china movement, where Union Minister Ramdas Athawale appealed to people to boycott Chinese food. He also said that restaurants selling Chinese food should be banned. Well, the internet served this statement with fitting reactions

statement 5- bid goodbye to hakka noodles, fried rice and dumplings


statement 5- bid goodbye to hakka noodles, fried rice and dumplings

statement 5- bid goodbye to hakka noodles, fried rice and dumplings


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