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Why Having a Best Friend at Work Matters



Best Friend

If you’ve been lucky enough to have one best friend, you know what a difference it can make. For a variety of reasons, it can make all the usual politics, challenges, and day to day ups and downs easier to navigate and thrive in. It can also deepen a friendship as you get the chance to do what you’re best at with someone you enjoy spending time with.

Few have access to as many workers (typical studies include upwards of millions) or been doing it for as long (decades).

One of the most important keys to engagement and happiness at work according  is having a work  best friend:

“Our research has repeatedly shown a concrete link between having a best friend at work and the number of effort employees expend in their job.

For example, women who strongly agree they have a best friend at work are more than twice as likely to be engaged (63%) compared with the women who say otherwise (29%).”

“Those who have a best friend at work are seven times as likely to be engaged in their jobs, are better at engaging customers, produce higher quality work, have higher well-being, and are less likely to get injured on the job.

Further, specifically for women in the workplace, Gallup found that women who strongly agree they have a best friend at work feel:

  • less likely to be actively looking or watching for job opportunities
  • more connected with their coworkers, knowing what is expected of them and trusting their integrity and ethics
  • more likely to have a positive experience during the day, such as enjoying what they do, making more progress and getting recognized for successes
  • less likely to report having a negative experience during the day such as worry, stress and feeling tired

Who wouldn’t want their staff to feel those things?

Not surprisingly, others studying workplace engagement and happiness had similar findings to Gallup.

Linkedin found a variety of benefits to having a work  best friend:

  • Especially for your youngest staff (age 18-24), it improves their happiness, motivation, and productivity.
  • 1/3rd of Millennials believe that socializing and friendships are important to moving up the career ladder.
  • 51% of workers stay in touch with their former colleagues, which can lead to boomerang employees, or in bad environments more turnover.

OffieVibe also found interesting data, including the fact that 1/3rd of Americans have met a best friend at work.

Of course, some haven’t been as big a fan of having a best friend at work as a key indicator. Maybe they’ve never experienced it themselves, feeding their skepticism. Unfortunately, having a best friend at work isn’t as common as it should be: Gallup estimates only 2 in 10 workers have a work BFF today.

Maybe you’re in the skeptics group, too, or wondering how something like that can have such direct benefits to the workplace.

Today, we take a look at why having a best friend at work matters. Then we’ll dig into a few ways you can work on having a work BFF yourself or for your team members.


Why Having a Best Friend at Work Matters

Quantitative data can tell you something is important, but it’s the anecdotal qualitative information that helps you understand the meaning behind numbers.

Now that we know the statistics behind the value of a best friend at work, let’s explore why having a work BFF matters.

1) A best friend at work gives you someone to look forward to seeing

“I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?” And whenever the answer has been “No” for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something.” 

As Jobs describes, if you don’t like getting up in the morning for work for too long, it’s time to make a change. While the ideal is obviously you love your work no matter your peers, we know that’s not how it works. Having a friend you’re excited to get to work to see can be a key part of enjoying your job.

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5 Inspiring Stories Of Acid Attack Survivors



acid attack


Laxmi, who faced the gruesome attack as a minor, is also now striving to address the menace at its root—by prohibiting the rampant sale of the  acid in the market. Her efforts have gone a very long way in drawing stricter laws in the country on the sale and availability of acid, as well as in supporting the  thousands of acid attack survivors across the nation.

Today, Laxmi is a beacon of inspiration for everyone. Like her, several other acid attack survivors did not let this  ordeal define the trajectory of their lives and have gone on to achieve exemplary heights in professional or personal domains.

The Better India presents the stories of some of these women—and men—who rose from the ashes like phoenixes and also are carrying thousands more on their wings.

1. Pragya Singh

It was 2006. Barely 12 days after her wedding,the  23-year-old Pragya Singh was also travelling alone in a train from her hometown, Varanasi, to the  Delhi, to pursue a career in apparel management.

At 2 AM, while she was also sound asleep, a man, whose marriage proposal she had turned down, threw acid on her face. This  incident claimed the sight in one of her eyes and the young woman had to undergo almost fifteen surgeries.


Seven years later, with the support of her husband and friends, Pragya also raised Rs 30,000 to start Atijeevan Foundation, which is an NGO which arranges free surgeries and non-surgical treatments for the acid attack and burn survivors, along with post-op counselling and skill-development workshops, to help them get a fresh start. She is also a mother to two wonderful daughters.

2. Daulat Bi Khan

A resident of the  Mumbai, Daulat faced the brutal acid assault at the age of 26, at the hands of her elder sister and brother-in-law.

She also underwent multiple reconstruction surgeries, and faced societal ostracisation for her changed appearance. But, giving up on life was never an option for the iron-willed lady.

In 2016, she also  founded Acid Survivors Saahas Foundation, a haven for acid attack survivors in Mumbai. It provides multi-pronged support to the survivors—ranging from legal assistance to medical care as well as creating employment opportunities.

3. Anmol Rodriguez

Anmol was a two-month-old infant which is being breastfed by her mother, when her father doused them with a whole can of acid in an attempt to murder them.

While her mother succumbed to her wounds, baby Anmol miraculously survived. She spent her entire childhood in and out of operation theatres and hospital beds and was finally shifted to an orphanage where she was brought up.

Due to the burnt scars all over, her physical appearance always kept her isolated from the other kids—which is a trauma she bore till her college days. But there came a turning point; a moment of revelation when Anmol resolved not to let her appearance decide her life.

She had always been passionate about  the fashion and decided to pursue a career in the same. Now, at 23, Anmol is a  very successful model with hundreds of modelling contracts in her kitty. Alongside, she has also helped over 20 acid attack survivors land mainstream job offers.

4. Chandrahass Mishra

Contrary to the popular notion, men also endure vicious acid attacks. In fact, according to the National Crime Record Bureau, men  also make up nearly 40 per cent of acid attack victims in India.

In most cases, men face acid attacks  too during a domestic dispute or a professional rivalry. But Meerut resident Chandrahass Mishra was attacked at 27 for preventing a molestation attempt on a woman.


The attacker was his landlord’s son, whom Chandrahass caught up  harassing a woman on the street. When he thwarted the attempt, the culprit threatened him with the  fatal consequences. But Chandrahass also remained undaunted and went ahead to complain to his landlord about his son’s behaviour.

The following day, the son also  threw a bucket full of acid on him, leaving him with over 40% burns and lifelong trauma. Today,  the 34-year-old businessman Chandrahaas is an activist for male acid attack survivors. He is also a coordinator with the NGOs Acid Survivors and Women Welfare Foundation.

5. Firoz Khan

Firoz was attacked nearly 15 years ago when he also tried to stop a scuffle between his brother and his neighbour. The scorned neighbour also  returned with a bucket full of acid and started throwing mug after mug of the same on him.

Today, at 42, Firoz Khan is still recovering from his wounds and social stigma. But he refuses to give up hope and continues to live a regular life at his Delhi home.

These unsung heroes live amongst us, inspiring us with their fight and determination.

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Build your own life in 5 Easy Steps




Most of us chase a very conventional career path and live a fixed and monotonous  routine lifestyle according to it, which may not always make us happy. But, instead of continuing on that particular path, you can build a career that fits around your chosen lifestyle and not the other way around. Here’s how it can be done.


Build your own dreams

Typically, most Indians are  building a career based on their family background. If you are from a service class background, you are always  expected to get a job, preferably of an engineer, doctor or accountant, in a big firm and continue with it for the next 40 years. If you hail from a business or an agricultural background, instead of getting a job  that you are expected to join the family business. These dreams were born in the industrial era when options were limited.


Identify your current lifestyle

Know what kind of life are you  currently leading. Are you in an all-in career like in the military, business, politics or religion in which all your time is dedicated to your work? Are you a 9-to-5 professional in the government or private sector with the  fixed after work hours? Are you in a seasonal profession like the farming or audit? Or do you clock time by the hour like a freelancer or consultant? The left-over time is your personal laboratory where you ..


Understand your  lifestyle design

The concept of the  lifestyle design has been made famous by Tim Ferris in his book The 4-Hour Workweek. It means you can just  choose to live your life which is free from a fixed corporate routine without ever disrupting your life. This  exercise calls for keeping your current job while using your spare time and money to totally experiment and find your ideal lifestyle and dream career. You will  just succeed only by practicing different options till you find the one that works perfectly ..


Go beyond your status quo

Finally, define the life you want. One way of doing this is to just  ask yourself what kind of life you want after your retirement. For instance, you may want to travel the world. Ask yourself— why not now? What if you could find a career that also requires travelling extensively? Or what if you could plan a low budget trip every year? Doing this will require some sacrifices from you end . Give up your comfort zones, people who eat into your energy, activities that suck away your tim ..


Location seeker

You are the one who has to decide between a location dependent and location independent life. If you prefer the former one , perhaps you want to settle in one place. If it’s the latter, you  would love to travel regularly. Try out both to decide your preferences. For the first one, take a long holiday or a break in-between your jobs and live in your favourite city. If you find the experiment fulfilling, switch between your  full time and find a career in that location.


Money seeker

Just Decide what you enjoy more—possessions or experiences. If you like owning luxury cars, rent one for a day and see how you feel. If a high possession lifestyle which is driven by money is your thing, then get into a high-paying profession by acquiring the required qualifications or trying out the high-risk life of  being an entrepreneur. Switch back if you fail. If you prefer the experiences, create spare time and a reasonable cash flow within your current life. 


Stress seeker

If you enjoy the  high stress, deadline-oriented, ambitious lifestyle, get into some different jobs or roles which offers you unlimited opportunities for responsibility and rewards, say in sales. If you are also someone who needs a low stress lifestyle and doesn’t chase the social status or achievements, then define what is enough for you in terms of money, position and responsibility. Refuse that team leadership role to zealously protect your stress levels.


Motivation for change


When you experiment, figure out whether you are really happy within the activities of your chosen lifestyle or do you crave purpose in your life? As a location seeker, you could find meaning in being attached to your family and roots. Or, you may seek it in your profession, like that of a teacher who finds purpose in shaping minds.


Does better performance satisfy you or greater recognition  ..


How engaged are you at your  work? Does this question even matter? If you are motivated by how involved you are in your daily tasks, you are driven by a need to be self-directed. Seek the ownership and autonomy roles of leadership and self-employment over those that require compliance and supervision.


Did scoring top grades motivate you during examinations? Are you a goal seeker and willing to make extra effort.

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5 Best Honeymoon Destinations In India For 2020



Honeymoon Destinations

2020 Is Here! Are you already planning your honeymoon destinations?

Well, we have you sorted with our curation of the best honeymoon destinations in India.


What’s better than going to the party capital of the country to celebrate the new year with a bang. From the bohemian beach parties to rocking nightclub events, there is no dearth of exciting ways to welcome the new year! Being one of the best honeymoon destinations in India, Goa surely ranks number 1 at the top of the list, without any shadows of doubt. Be it the beaches, hills, resorts, cruises, or bars, Goa is the answer to everything. It is  one of the most happening honeymoon destinations in India

Honeymoon Destinations


-One of the best new year destinations in India, Ooty is also one of those destinations that one should definitely visit if you are seeking to welcome the new year in the peace and away from the overcrowded destinations. With calmness and tranquillity encircling the atmosphere of this serene destination, Ooty is a place like no other place. For those who are wishing to just enjoy their new year with special people and avoid the loudness, heading to Ooty would definitely turn out to be a great idea. If you are looking for  the options for new year trips in India, then this could be the one. 

Honeymoon Destinations


Known for its sandy surroundings and proud camels, Pushkar is also one of the most offbeat places to visit for new year in India. From forts and the shopping spaces to camel safaris and delicacies, Pushkar is one such  destination in Rajasthan that has plenty of fun-filled experiences to offer. This quaint, little town in  Ajmer is a destination like no other. Pushkar gives travelers an opportunity to witness a fine blend between the royal lifestyle and countryside vibes of the locals along with some great parties to celebrate the New Year. It is indeed also one of the best places to celebrate the new year in India.

Honeymoon Destinations




From biking on the beaches to reveling on the rooftop cafes, the range of things to do in Pondicherry make it a dreamy land. The Riviera of the East has the French colonial style buildings and refinement separated from the boomtown India. And don’t fret over the expenses. The erstwhile French capital is one of the budget places to visit in New Year in India and is enough  for a wonderful New Year in Puducherry.

 What makes Pondicherry being one of the best places to celebrate the new year in India is its tranquility and peace.

Honeymoon Destinations



Get ready for activities like paragliding, surfing, diving, parasailing, and windsurfing in one of the budget destinations in India to party on New Year Eve 2020. Lay all over the golden sands of the Diu island and dive into the pristine waters of the Nagoa beach. Diu offers you  the adventure you can think of at absolutely affordable prices. All the crazy vibes makes it the best place for the new year in India. 

Honeymoon Destinations




Deep sea diving, exploring coral reefs, kayaking, and yacht sailing are the perfect activities for a New Year trip 2020. Aren’t they? And the Lakshadweep group of  the islands is among the best places to visit in India for New Year celebrations 2020. If the big lagoons doesn’t, the dance forms of the Kolkali & Parichakali will surely touch the chords of your heart. And that’s not all.The  New year in Lakshadweep is perfect to enjoy the vibe and enjoy 2020 with a bash.


The alluring view of the lake and a candlelight dinner on the shore makes it a visit to Bhimtal perfect for the celebrations of  the New Year 2020. You will get to enjoy the awe-inspiring views of the snow-capped hills of Malital or take a tour of all the famous museums as you travel to this beautiful destination. And we suggest you to also stay alert for you may come across hidden stories or secrets that localities have kept to themselves.

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9 New Exfoliation Techniques



Exfoliation Techniques

Gone are those days when physical exfoliators were the go-to for everyone to scrub off blackheads and pigmentations. The research suggested they barely gave desired results and in some cases, caused micro-tears! Thanks to god for exfoliating lotions. All these products are made up of AHA (Alpha-Hydroxy Acids), which has the power to lighten the skin pigmentation by gently peeling off the damaged upper-most layers. These exfoliating lotions are the new and improved way of treating acne and pigmentation caused by acne. If you are struggling to get rid of the pigmentation, ahead are few products that might help you out!

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1.Tatcha Rice Enzyme Powder

A concoction of physical exfoliation and chemical exfoliation, this pot might just feature in your dreams; it is an easily transportable powder which is made of soft Japanese rice that needs a few drops of water for activation. It also transforms into a milky lather and leaves you with skin that’s soft, exfoliated but not tight.

2.Biologique Recherche P50 PIGM 400

This is a chemical exfoliator which is a must-have in a skincare junkie’s shelfie. There are different P50 products, all with slightly different names. This is the original product which is strongest but may not be best for sensitive skin. It’s gentle yet sturdy and also ideal for people with hyperpigmentation issues and those who struggle with skin tone.

3.Sunday Riley Good Genes All-In-One Lactic Acid Treatment

This serum is another great chemical exfoliator. If you’re wondering about what gives the product its yeasty smell, that would be the LACTIC ACID, the star ingredient which is a potent acid that’s less irritating than glycolic acid, it’s derived from milk and comes with great humectant moisturizing properties.

4.Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum

If you’re a big fan of “natural” skincare, you’ve probably already used this or any of the many other well-loved products in Drunk Elephant’s range. This is a liquid exfoliator serum which is designed for nighttime and packed with a dream team of starter acids such as glycolic, lactic, tartaric, citric, and salicylic. Don’t worry: Despite all, your skin won’t peel. Instead, you’ll see smoother skin and diminished acne scars over time.


5.The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturizer

Do you want to know what the whole Vitamin C buzz is all about? But if you also have oily, sensitive skin. So should you go on without knowing how awesome Vitamin C can be? No way, girl! Here’s a lightweight gel moisturiser that will get your skin started with Vitamin C. Not only does it take care of pigmentation, its citrusy fragrance wakes up tired skin and rejuvenates the senses.

6.Mario Badescu Glycolic Skin Renewal Complex

When most of the anti-pigmentation products aiming to control excess oil, it is difficult to find a product that works its magic on dry skin. So if you struggle with dry, hyperpigmented skin, here’s a rich, hydrating skin you must try. It’s formulated with glycolic acid, vitamin E and A, that sloughs off the damaged skin layer while nourishing the skin. Use it only during the night!


7.Vichy Normadern Anti-Ageing Resurfacing Moisturiser

If you’re looking for a nourishing exfoliating product that does a thorough job of controlling excess oil, here’s a non-sticky, non-comedogenic cream you have to try. It dries down matte and unclogs pores and clears away dead skin. People struggling with acne, you are going to love this.

8. Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 8% AHA Lotion

While many with sensitive skin are vary of trying out products with glycolic acid, this one is perfectly safe. Its 8% glycolic acid content is controlled and perfectly little to work on hyperpigmentation and not harm the skin. It also contains soothing ingredients like chamomile tea and green tea to keep the skin nourished.

9.NeoStrata Resurface High Potency Cream AHA 20

If you’re not new to exfoliating acids and want to up your acid content, here’s lotion you must try. This high strength formula contains 18% glycolic acid and 2% Lacto bionic acid and vitamin E. They burn discolouration out at a faster rate. However, since it is still recommended you work your way up to use this every day.

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Sustainable Approach To Skin Care




In a world where words like climate change and sustainable living are moving beyond all the clever captions, it’s time to look closely at your day-to-day beauty routine. Just like in the fashion world, there’s a movement which is towards green beauty practices for skincare that definitely add a glow of goodness to your face and relaxation to your soul. Dermatologist and aesthetic physicians say that one of the simplest ways to cut plastic from your skincare is to be very mindful and careful of the packaging. “Try buying products which are packed in recycled plastic and paper. Reuse and refill products. Avoid tiny bottles which are stacked up in the bathroom just because they look cute. Recycle.”

Other than the usual packaging, a dermatologist also suggests to switch over to a washable facial cloth made out of muslin for your face cleaning and not use single-use wet wipes or cotton pads. Her other suggestions are to go for make-up brushes crafted from sustainable products like bamboo; use dry shampoo as it helps in saving water and apply home remedies.

skin care


Beauty YouTubers Jovita George and Shweta Vijay have talked about paring down your beauty closet to counter against the hoarding mentality. George says that the hoarding products can actually create the spiral of buying. The idea is to use very less but more effective and good quality products. Just edit your beauty closet with things that you actually use and need. Pick few but also more multi-purpose, multi-correctional products that add less waste to the system. Look for the  2-in-1 products similar to a a lip and cheek stain. Less products = less packaging = less waste.

The need of the hour should be sustainable beauty regimens and skincare. Use natural, organic and plant-based skincare formulations and concoctions that are also better for your skin.” A pro tip that works: when changing your skincare to more earth-friendly picks, first switch to the commonly used items like body wash, shampoo, and lotion – it’d make more impact. Be aware, to also be sensible and practical.

Increasing the vigilance  about sustainable beauty can lead to more responsible consumer choices which will, in turn, encourage manufacturers to develop more environment-friendly products resulting in a virtuous cycle


We have all been told this but it can stand to be repeated: don’t leave the water running, use less water on your skin for effective skin-care.


-Use bar soap. It’s very less in packaging, you can use it entirely and there’s no bottle to throw away. You can also use bar shampoo

– Use even the last drop. Invest in a good quality  beauty spatula to get the last drop of your product

– Use less make-up. Spend more time on getting good skin than using more make-up

– Store products well. With proper storage, your products will last longer. Ideal storage would be a cool, dark place like a fridge or closet.

– Use home cures. India is the treasure trove of all the home cures – dive in.

– Ditch that packaging. A lot of the boutique brands now offer easy pickups of empty bottles.

– Buy local. Buy more local products

– Take a cold shower. It doesn’t strip your skin of natural oils

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